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You may have picked up on it: we’re obsessed with bowls. Smoothie bowls, grain bowlspoke bowls, everything-in-the-fridge-thrown-together bowls – and our hometown of Los Angeles seems to be headed face first into the healthy trend that just won’t stop.

Fellow Cali girl, Eater Drinks editor Kat Odell, has been scouring NYC each month and reporting back on the most healthy sips, snacks, and sweets the city has to offer (it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.) When she told us she’d found one of her favorite So Cal-inspired bowls in the heart of the equally on-trend Lower East Side, we had to know more…

What I ate:

Dimes‘ “Black Rice Bowl”

Why I ate it:

As a Los Angeles transplant in New York, I find myself drawn to restaurants here that channel Southern California. Dimes is a perfect example of an artistic, laid-back and healthy cafe which, to me, feels totally LA-inspired.

Why you need it:

Nutrient-packed black rice is whipped into a sort of New-Age Cali-style bibimbap bowl with neat piles of Asian-flavored veggies. Also, for those who drop by Dimes in the a.m., don’t miss the pretty medley of chia and acai bowls. 

How To Get It:

Visit the California-inspired Dimes on the Lower East Side and enjoy!

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