Nestled in NYC’s bustling Chinatown, Kopitiam, with it’s unassuming restaurant front, is our latest recommendation for healthy NYC eats. Eater Drinks editor, Kat Odell, is walking us through the unpretentious menu and introducing us to a world of Malaysian coconut-based snacks from coconut jam, rose-scented milks and morning glory sticky rice we can’t stop craving…

What I Ate:

Kopitiam’s coconut-based snacks.

Why I Ate It:

Because I love discovering oft-overlooked ethnic gems, and Kopitiam knows its way – especially – around a coconut.

Why You Need It:

When the wait at Dimes stretches beyond your threshold of patience, there’s an excellent – if snug – Malaysian cafe just next door ready to serve you rose-scented milk, thick, rich Penang white coffee, and all means of coconut-flavored treats. Thick, pillowy slices of toasted white bread are aggressively smeared with neon green pandan-hued kaya coconut jam. Even better when dunked into one of the cafe’s rich coffee drinks. Periwinkle blue sticky rice stained with morning glory flowers is neatly bundled in a banana leaf, a crown of toasted, grated coconut mixed wth palm sugar peering out. A must-try!

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