Our whole lives, most of us have been taught good nutrition, except for one sneaky area: snacks! Our entire culture seems on board with the idea of a mid-afternoon “cheat hour,” snacking on the worst offenders from 1-3 PM each day…then wondering why we’re barely functional through the afternoon.

Great nutritionists like The TODAY Show’s Joy Bauer are finding ways to help us hack our snacks and turn our afternoon munchies into energy-optimizing, superfood-boosting happy hours. Instead of nixing snacks altogether, swap them out for nutrient-dense alternatives that won’t leave you hungry or bored. 

We asked Joy to suggest a few snack pairings for us below. Using her brand new Nourish Snacks (we’re obsessed with the Monkey Love chocolate granola bites!) and a few of our favorite juices, Joy has created three functional snack ideas to get our afternoons back on the right right track. Try all of these healthy combos at Pressed Juicery locations across California til next Monday at a special price. Pressed Juicery and Nourish Snacks are combining forces to put an end to the mid-afternoon slump once and for all!

Snack idea 1: For the afternoon slump

What you need:

Push through your 3pm slump with this light and refreshing ritual: Greens 1 provides a potion of potassium-rich greens to help rinse and flush toxins, making way for hydrating Watermelon. Couple these sippers with Berry’d Treasure, a delicious snack of fiber-rich granola bites filled with antioxidant-packed blueberries.

How to get it:

Pressed Juicery Greens 1: Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Parsley, Romaine, Spinach  30 calories, 1g sugar, 2g protein
Pressed Juicery Watermelon: Watermelon, Lemon, Mint  70 calories, 14g sugar, 1g protein
Nourish Snacks Berry’d Treasure: Blueberry-apple granola bites 130 calories, 2g protein, 4g fiber

Snack Idea 2: To spice up your metabolism

What you need:

Rev up your metabolism and keep your appetite in check with this flavorful sip-snack combination. Greens 4 and Spicy Apple juice blends contain cayenne pepper to give your system a gentle boost. Chili’n in the Corn’r is a crunchy and delicious super-snack that provides slow-burn carbs perfectly seasoned with chili powder and a touch of lime.

How to get it:

Pressed Juicery Greens 4: Cayenne, celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon, watercress juic 35 calories, 1g sugar, 2g protein
Pressed Juicery Spicy Apple: Apple lemon ginger cayenne 110 calories, 20g sugar, 1g protein
Nourish Snacks Chili’n in the Corn’r: Citrus chili-roasted corn 150 calories, 3g protein, 2g fiber

Snack Idea 3: To beat a hangover

What you need:

Still feeling a bit lousy after a night on the town? Help is here! Perk up to perfection by sipping Vanilla Coffee with a dose of caffeine and protein. Also, munch on chocolatey Monkey Love granola bites to restore blood sugar levels and electrolyte balance, thanks to the fiber and potassium-rich banana.  And if your tummy feels a bit unsettled, take advantage of Roots 2 juice blend—it’s brimming with antioxidants and ginger to help whip you into tip-top shape.

How to get it:

Pressed Juicery Vanilla Coffee:  Coffee, almonds, dates, vanilla bean  200 calories, 4g fiber, 12g sugar, 6g protein
Pressed Juicery Roots 2: Apple, carrot, ginger, kale, parsley, romaine, spinach  80 calories, 13g sugar, 2g protein
Nourish Snacks Monkey Love: Banana chocolate granola bites 150 calories, 3g protein, 3g fiber

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