We love a nude colored shoe for leg-elongating effect and nude colored underthings are non-optional. But what if that commonly labeled “nude” shade hanging on the rack is a thousand degrees away from your own actual nakie skin color? We can’t imagine how tough it must be for fashionable women with skin outside the limited scopes of “pale pink” “tropical tan” or “dark brown” to find a good shoe, bra or bodysuit!

There’s a trend happening across the fashion landscape involving functional nude colored items made in a variety of shades for every skin color. Although we don’t always touch on fashion trends, we thought this one would appeal our mindful reader. We love to see these options become more mainstream. Check out a few of the brands we love who are taking the lead…

Naja | Naja is making skin matching their priority. Because the color “nude” means different things for different bodies, this brand offers bras and underwear in seven different skin tone shades. Finally find your perfect match for bras, underwear, bodysuits and more.


Mia Pielle | Browse lingerie, clothing and accessories by a skin tone-powered search feature on Mia Pielle. Their unique filter functions allows you to find a color of nude that’s closest to your own and shop only the products that apply. Check out their selection of tights – genius.


Christian Louboutin |  Christian Louboutin makes the most iconic nude pumps and sandals. Now their the first shoe brand we know of to redefine the shade and offer options. We’re swooning over everything in The Nude Collection – even the colors that don’t match our skin.

Deborah Lippmann | Makeup for our skin might have come along way over the last decade, with wider variety of shades the new norm. But what about your nails? Depending on the color of your skin, finding a monochromatic shade can be tough. The “Undressed Nail Polish Set” from Deborah Lippmann covers a full spectrum of nude tones for a sophisticated, neutral look on any hand.


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