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Sure, The wellness staples may not be as beautiful as the entertaining items we’ve included in the November Shop, but trust us when we say you’ll thank us for the bitters and lypospheric vitamin C come the end of November.

We’re gearing up for a very cozy month filled with family feelings (good, great and all the rest), glowy details, holistic supplements, and plenty of rest.

One big theme for November here at TCM is rest.

Don’t get frustrated.

We know you’ve got a lot to do this month, we’re with you. But we’re looking for ways to improve our day-to-day sense of well-being and loving books like this one that are helping us hack the work/rest balance in a modern way.

On to lighter things, we’re feeling gold for the fall and winter holidays! These entertaining accessories – from a pitcher set we’ve been cuddling up to for years (Niels Datema, you’re a star!) – to a simple milk and sugar set we can’t quite shake.

Shop the November Shop for sweet details like this chalkboard paper runner for the kids’ table (we couldn’t resist!) and useful staples like bitters, apple cider vinegar and the vitamin c we mentioned to start — invaluable tools to stay feeling great all month long.

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