Full Moon Eclipse On November 8

Mariah K. Lyons is an author, designer, crystal healer, intuitive and herbalist based in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of the luxury grounding footwear company ASTARA and best-selling author of Crystal Healing for Women.

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE… The last eclipse of 2022 happens this Tuesday, November 8th during the Full Moon in Taurus at 3:02AM PST. The total lunar eclipse will be visible across all of the US, South America, Australia and Asia and is called a Beaver Blood Moon as it takes on a copper red hue this Election Day.

Major changes are underway and the planetary bodies are supporting great shifts in our personal and collective evolution. Moon is conjunct planet Uranus, alongside a Mercury cazami with Sun conjunct Mercury in the morning and Uranus opposite Mercury in the evening.

Venus is also transiting Scorpio on November 11th which brings another layer of death/rebirth into relationships. This is the last eclipse until 2023, and is bookending the lunar eclipse in May 2022. Think back as to what has been surfacing and healing since then as this is a potent time of completion cycles and brilliant new beginnings. This is a potent time to create the new from a healed and integrated space.

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE… Relationships, Truth, Redirection

The hard truths often come out during eclipses, and this eclipse promises to reveal some hidden secrets. While truth may sometimes cut like a knife, it is necessary in order to live in a space of authenticity and ultimate freedom as it allows for clarity.

The last eclipse in Scorpio cleared the heaviness and now is the time for any final adjustments necessary. Tune into your relationships. You may have noticed that your relationships have been changing and you are gaining more clarity on exactly what kind of relationships you want in your life. All of these hidden truths coming to the surface are allowing for greater trust and surrender into a redirection that is being offered. The redirection may come in your work life, relationships, home or your values in regards to money and material goods.

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Emotional, Tired, Overwhelmed

There is a slight pressure and energy of release bubbling up that you may be feeling which is helping to support you into a space of surrender and clarity. This is definitely a time of deep self care and making sure you are extra hydrated and well rested. The physical body can oftentimes move through major energetic shifts during these transits, and this eclipse is supporting deep release on a cellular level. Some big core wounds may be surfacing in order to be released from the cells. Be easy on yourself. Hit snooze if you need to and give yourself extra time these next few days for travel, deadlines, social events etc.

EXCELLENT TIME TO… Clear your closet, wash your car, ease up on caffeine, take an epsom salt bath, or donate the clothes that have been in a pile for months. Allow this time to be one of clearing on all levels. You are being asked to clear space literally and energetically to open up to the new.

Normally, we work with the energy of a New Moon to set intentions, but the configuration this week is also asking for new seeds to be planted in the space that has been cleared. Stay open to new opportunities, ideas and people that might come your way during this time.

JOURNALING PROMPT… What relationships feel nourishing to you at this time? What relationships would you like to more deeply cultivate? What relationships are no longer in resonance? What are you in devotion to? What redirection in your life is currently calling you forth? What are you ready to complete? Where are you being asked to step into a deeper calling within your truth and essence of being?

My book Crystal Healing for Women has a “Surrendering to the Universe” ritual that is supportive in release and redirection for your highest outcome and gifts in life.

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