Norm Core Office Supplies: 5 Items We Love For That Faux Back-To-School Feel

Come September our office supplies fixation reaches a raging high point. And we’re guessing you can relate. This year, our nostalgia for basic back-to-school supplies (number two pencils anyone?) is coupled with our obsession with all things norm core. The result? We’re on the hunt for vintage-inspired, over-simplified supplies like the below…

Lunch Lady land

Schoolhouse Electrics Cafeteria Tray

This olive green fiberglass tray is the ultimate in back-to-school feels. Manufactured in the United States from a vintage mold, it can be used for just about everything – to store office supplies or actually serve lunch in it’s perfect little compartments. Shop around at Schoolhouse Electric below, we’re swooning over everything they make. 


Pb&J all the way

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag
This charming canvas sack has such an authentic paper lunch bag look, we can almost smell the PB&J. We think these make a great eco-conscious choice for children’s actual school lunches or just a cool, neutral choice for toting all kinds of things to work. 


the count down

Schoolhouse Electric’s Kennedy Clock
Remember watching the clock in school? We’re loving this midcentury wall clock for it’s graphic sophistication – complete with domed glass lens. Hand-assembled in a Portland, Oregon factory.


passing notes

Public Supply Notebooks
What would a round-up like this be with a great item from Public Supply? Using Pantone ink and recycled paper, these classic, smart-looking books are ready for fresh notes. Public Supply donates 25% of their profit to public school art programs throughout the US.


freshly sharpened

West Elm leather pencil case
This case in and of itself doesn’t feel very vintage, but needing a pencil case in the first place? Totally old-school. The classic look and leather materialization of this case means it’ll stand the test of time.


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