We did a double-take when we first came across this stunning display of rainbow noodles on Linda Miller Nicholson’s Instagram feed. Exciting on it’s own for chronic rainbow food-lovers like ourselves, but when we found out they were made with 100% natural dye our hearts nearly skipped a beat (beet?!).

Food coloring is some of the most toxic stuff out there, and the culprit of many kid allergies and other health hurdles. Linda is sharing clean ways to add color to food, and we can’t wait for the first opportunity to try this out as a cute kitchen DIY…

I am committed to healthful eating, both for myself and for my family, so when my son was a toddler and didn’t like vegetables, I started hiding them in the pasta dough I would make regularly. I noticed that the resulting pasta represented quite the rainbow of colors, and it was then that I began to pursue pasta-making not just as a healthy way to get dinner on the table, but also as an art. Here are some examples of foods I use to make my colored pasta…


Beets mixed with paprika make the reddest red-hot red that is packed with essential nutrients like folate and fiber.


I love to make orange with harissa, which is a delicious and versatile North African spice paste. The capsaicin in the peppers that make up harissa is a great anti-inflammatory.


Who doesn’t love the combination of turmeric and egg yolks for a yellow as cheerful as sunshine? Added bonus: Turmeric is serious brain food, especially when paired with a little fat (it’s fat soluble) and black pepper.


Green is by far the easiest dough to color because so many vegetables lend their beautiful hue. I like to keep a variety of leafy greens in my garden (and in my crisper) so I always have something to reach for when I want green dough. Different colors of chard and kale are especially fun because I can make so many different shades, depending on which leaves I reach for.


Butterfly pea flowers are magical for making beverages blue – and guess what? They work for pasta, too. Order some and try making tea with them. You’ll be amazed. You can turn the tea more pink or more blue if you add vinegar or baking soda.


I love the combo of beets and blueberries to get that just-right Prince shade of purple. Purple pasta is my go-to both when I want to impress kids, and also when I’m feeling the need for some antioxidants.

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