What’s the difference between an artist and an athlete? Less than you might expect. NYC-based dancer, trainer and fitness guru to the stars – Nicole Winhoffer – is blurring the line that divides the two, and we love every inch of her passion-powered approach.

Nicole’s signature method embraces creativity and sass, not just somatic savvy, to help her clients build personal strength on every level. It’s no wonder she’s the go-to trainer for world-class pop stars (oh hey, Madonna), fashion designers (Stella McCartney!) and fitness brands alike (she was the first global ambassador for adidas too!). From the music that keeps her motivated – including her clients’ own – to the new age-y things rolling around in her gym bag, here’s Nicole Winhoffer…

Name + Studio:

Nicole Winhoffer. NW Studios.

Moment I fell in love with fitness:

When I was nine years old. I studied ballet and all styles of dancing. I used dance to let out my emotions. I completely transformed my body and found the power in connecting the mind, body and spirit. I was invincible!

I stay inspired by:

Music. I create a new playlist everyday, download new songs and consistently listen to old music. I watch music videos and new shows and concerts to get ideas for creative direction. I love fashion and love to visit shops and stores to see new styles. I go to the studio, play music and create new movements and dances to keep my mind and body fresh. My clients keep me inspired. Usually they are working on projects in the entertainment business and they bleed over into our workouts. Some examples of our collaborative effort are shooting movies, music videos, tours, concerts and directing.

5 things always in my gym bag:

Coconut oil, 1.5 liters of water, Orbit Bubble Mint Gum, Le Labo Lys 41 perfume, Beats headphones and music.

Most unexpected item in my gym bag:

Sage and crystals.

Fave things to wear in the studio:

Leotards, one-piece unitards, bathing suits, booty shorts.

Most exciting thing happening in fitness right now:

The Olympics.

On my workout playlist:

DJ Khaled “Holy Key,” Fat Joe “Cookin,” Rihanna “Needed Me,” Kent Jones “Don’t Mind,” DJ Khaled featuring Drake “For Free,” Kanye West “Waves,” Dae Dae “Wat U Mean (Aye Aye Aye).”

Favorite way to hydrate:

Water in 1.5 liter bottles, sparkling water with lemon and I love fresh veggie juice with kale, spinach, cucumber, collard greens, ginger and lemon.

Favorite post-workout fuel:

Coconut water and coconut meat. I find that having natural sugars and electrolytes after I workout keeps me energized. I will then eat about two hours after I workout. I love lean proteins, kale, butternut squash, avocados, brown rice, eggs, potatoes – there is nothing like eating post-workout! Love being hungry and feeding my tummy!

For motivation:

Meditation and visualization. Manifesting exactly how I want to feel, look and be. Books: The Alchemist. Music, always!!! Live concerts. Entertainment. Marilyn Monroe!

Equipment I love:

I love my Beats headphones – they are very loud and close out the sound.

Fave quickie workout when not in gym/traveling:

My ab routine… 15 minutes. Livestreaming NW Church!! I’m in the Bahamas and I’m going to do NW Church Livestreaming to stay in shape and keep me engaged.

I know I’ve had a good workout when:

I feel high! I haven’t had one thought cross my mind because I was so into the beat of the music. My clothes are dripping wet and I worked every muscle in my body.

Secret weapon tip:

Visualize the shape of your body in your mind as you workout and complete the moves with your body.

Fave outdoor fitness activity:

Swimming in the ocean and sun bathing on the beach.

Braids, hat or pony:

Hair down always when I work out!

Gym to street tips/secrets:

There is nothing sexier than post-glow confidence from a workout! Natural is sexy. Pack something super comfortable to change into (if you feel like it). Bring a lash curler, mascara, bronzer and lip gloss. If you don’t feel like changing into another outfit, pack a cute leather jacket or over sized hoodie, throw it on and walk!

Current mantra:

I am incredible. I can do anything.

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