The Ugliest Beauty Food? 6 Benefits of Noni Juice

Eat Ugly foods, get better skin? It’s not always true, but we’re loving the beauty and hormone benefits of noni juice, despite the fruit’s not so pretty exterior. Certified health and wellness coach, Nicole Granato, is walking us through the powerful benefits of noni juice. The healing properties of noni hit hormones gone haywire from every angle: whether they need re-balancing or just daily support… 

Noni juice is acknowledged worldwide for its amazing health and healing benefits. It has been used for thousands of years to help support the body in fighting free radicals, improving the immune system, strengthening cardiovascular health and improving digestion. This super fruit can help improve hormone imbalance, infertility, PCOS, digestive health and weight-management issues. Add noni juice to your diet daily and watch as your hormones become increasingly aligned and harmonious!

Hormonal Acne

This super fruit has been used internally and topically to treat acne. Killing bacteria and cleaning the digestive system, containing vitamin C, E, B, K and important enzymes, it is no surprise you will experience an ultimate glow.

Wound Healing

Have you ever noticed when you get a cut or scrape, sometimes it takes a little longer than desired to heal? Noni is known to accelerate the healing of wounds and, over time, can even improve scars.

Vitamin B absorption

Did you know it is essentially impossible for your body to absorb vitamin B from a capsule? Ingesting vitamin B in liquid form is best since it allows your tissues to directly absorb the nutrient. This is where the lasting and increased energy comes in when drinking noni juice.

Strengthens Immune System

Our immune system is the core of our health and wellbeing. Without a strong immune system, we would essentially be sick and dragging every day and in return we would experience hormonal stressors! Boosting your immune system and keeping it strong is essential. Noni fruit is known for its ability to strengthen the immune system, fight free radicals and prevent cancer, tumors and digestive illnesses.

Improves PCOS

Noni juice has been known to build blood and increase circulation. One of the most common issues with women suffering from PCOS is blood stagnation in the uterus and cervix. Improved blood circulation can help break down cysts and decrease chances of future growth. Not only does noni help build blood and increase circulation, but it also has anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.


Try noni juice (this brand is a good buy) by incorporating just two tablespoons a day into your diet on an empty stomach. Pour one ounce into a shot glass and take every morning or drink this superfood daily diluted in water for best results.

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