The Jet-Set Life is nothing new to Nicole Richie, our July Guest Editor and House of Harlow designer. As a global name in fashion, daughter of a music icon and wife of a rockstar, it’s safe to say Nicole has learned a thing or to about life on the road. Case in point? Richie keeps a travel-sized beauty “go bag” tucked away at all times – ready for anything in a flash. We’re taking note and dreaming of a few of her favorite destinations ourselves.

Last week we chatted with Nicole about living a healthy life in L.A. (check out her answers here!); now we’re picking her brain for ways to stay our well-est when we’re on the go this summer. Read on for Nicole’s in-flight musts, tips for hotel coziness (and what to wear en route), and why vacations are more like pizza than we’d previously assumed…

My summer 2016 uniform:

At home, it’s House of Harlow slip dresses and vintage peasant dresses. While traveling, it’s a pair of cashmere sweatpants and a beanie.

I never travel without...

Bobby pins, a hair brush, lavender oil, socks, my iPad, Wet Ones and a good nasal emollient.

Top travel destinations:

Majorca, Spain; Jamaica; Harbour Island.

3 things always in my carry on:

Rubber gloves, good headphones and Emergen-C.

Best packing tip:

I always have a separate travel-size toiletry bag I can take with when I travel.

Tip for staying healthy while traveling:

Drink water constantly. Stay hydrated on the flight. Exercise is key for getting over jet lag.

Fave hotel of all time:

Four Seasons Florence.

Beach bag staples:

Sunscreen, music and a vintage scarf to wrap around my head.

Favorite LA staycation:

My house!

Best vacay ever:

I spent two weeks in Europe with my family. We got to explore together everyday!

Worst vacay ever:

Vacations are like pizza… they’re never bad!

Best travel tip of all time:

Treat your hotel room like a spa. Traveling can be hard on your body, so do what you can to make your stay as comfortable as possible

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All July long, we're talking with Nicole Richie about living well in every way. Starting with our first interview where she shares about the perks and troubles of healthy living in L.A.

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  1. I’m sorry Nicole Ritchie answering questions on health???? She is so anorexic! I’m sorry I get thin is the norm for LA, but she looks like she is going to fall over from starvation!!!!

    The Chalkboard needs to realize the LA reader is not the norm.


    Gabrielle Shannon | 07.21.2016 | Reply
  2. Yor good health comes from within.. To be skinny or overweight or “the norm” doesn’t mean you are healthy, looks can be deserving..

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