IF MOTHERHOOD TEACHES anything it’s that life needs balance, and our July Guest Editor, Nicole Richie, nails it on her own terms. Making time for her fam and running a fashion brand is no easy feat. But in spite of constantly being in the spotlight and on the go, this mama of two still manages to stay playful, poised and real – and we’re all about her approach.

From healthy breakfast smoothies to heavy metal music, Nicole’s daily wellness and sanity-strategies are uniquely her own – and we love her for it. We spent a morning at casa del Richie to see how things flow; scroll on to learn what Nicole eats to start her day, how she finds time for herself and what she thinks about “the universe”…

Favorite moment in the morning:

The time to myself. I wake up at 5:30 every morning so that I can have a moment to get a grip on the day.

I can’t start my morning without…

Hot water with lemon and time to myself.

Breakfast is normally…

My kids’ leftovers. I usually sauté some vegetables with some eggs and make a scramble.

Favorite morning beverage:

Coffee and fresh mint tea.

I read my first email at…

6:00 a.m.

Favorite social media follows lately:

Erin Foster, TheArtOfShade, and Revolve.

Fave workout lately:

Tracy Anderson Method and Core Power Yoga.

Daily uniform this summer…

HOH x Revolve Lily Lace Details Cami.

Any beauty product obsessions?

Grapeseed oil for the body, coconut oil for the hair, and sunflower oil for the mouth (oil pulling, duh…).

Healthiest daily habit:

Meditation (TM) and an episode of Breaking Bad. (Is that healthy?)

My current mantra:

Check yo self before you righty wreck yo self.

Current design inspirations:

The color red, stripes and clashing prints.

Fave lunch spots:

My house! (I don’t go to lunch much because of work and kids, so I usually eat at home or order in.)

Lately, I’m obsessed with…

The Universe.

On my daily playlist…

Oh, where do I begin? Metallica, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, Good Charlotte, Michael Jackson for my son and Lucy Hale for my daughter.

Go-to smoothie recipe:

Strawberries, banana, coconut oil, superfood powder, Greek yogurt and almonds.

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