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Our bodies are smart. They’re built to detox on their own, but for most of us, a little boost can go a long way. Lately, in the spirit of spring cleaning, we’ve been including this herbal Detox blend from one of our favorite holistic wellness coaches, Nicole Granato. Read up on the blend of eleven ingredients that make the stuff this powerful, then snag a bottle in our Shop...

Our digestive system is essentially the core of our entire body system, but when detoxing it’s important to target our kidneys and liver as well. These organs help us process food, liquid herbs and any toxins that come into contact with our body. Detox is the perfect blend for cleansing all these organs, breaking up stagnation in the body and building blood.

I recommend taking a tablespoon of Detox in your smoothie, juice or even water first thing in the morning for increased energy, hormone balance, blood building and digestive ease. Below is a breakdown to some of these unique herbs and superfoods in Detox and the ways they will assist your body in doing so daily…

Green Detox Smoothie


1 handful of kale
1 handful of spinach
1/2 banana
1 cup of nut milk
1 cup of water
1 scoop of Detox
1 tsp of matcha
1 Tbsp of nut butter
stevia, optional


Blend all ingredients for detoxification magic!

Bladderwrack powder:

Bladderwrack powder is rich in iodine and good for anti-sterility.

Dandelion root powder:

Dandelion root powder eliminates toxins.

Ginger root extract powder:

Ginger root extract powder is a diuretic that eliminate toxins.

Milk thistle powder:

Milk thistle powder helps with liver damage, antibiotic damage and heavy metals.

Peppermint seed powder:

Peppermint seed powder is good for IBS, stress and the respiratory system.

Turmeric root powder:

Turmeric root powder is an anti-inflammatory.

Barley grass powder:

Barley grass powder is detoxifying and helps with immune business.

Marshmallow root powder:

Marshmallow root powder is an anti-inflammatory.

Irish moss powder:

Irish moss powder is good for digestion and soothes the membranes.

Manjistha root powder:

Manjistha root powder is a blood cleanser and is detoxifying

Guduchi stem powder:

Guduchi stem powder is anti-stress and helps with anxiety and illness.

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