Inside Dave Asprey’s Fridge: How A Pro Biohacker Stocks Up

A bulletproof fridge can be two things: either an appliance for people who are very concerned about the safety of their groceries — or a clean selection of edible fuel that powers our April Guest Editor, Dave Asprey.

The founder of Bulletproof has made a name for himself by using his own mind and body as an ongoing wellness experiment, so we’re not surprised that this professional biohacker‘s fridge is full of upgraded eats: think brain-enhancing guacamole, natural sweetener that fights cavities and antioxidant-rich herbs with maxed-out bioavailability.

We love learning about the healthy habits of wellness pros by peeking into their kitchens (you are what you eat, after all), and Dave is no exception. From the probably-obvious (he buys 30 avocados at a time) to the surprisingly-surprising (white flour and white rice all the way!), we’re sharing a glimpse of the Bulletproof way of life from the fridge-side out…

Always in my fridge:

Grass-fed butter, whatever organic veggies are growing now and grass-fed beef.

7 recipe staples always on hand:

Raw cashews, avocado, cold smoked sockeye salmon, cauliflower (for cauliflower rice or mash), pastured bacon (because, bacon), white rice or sweet potato (low toxin starches) and olive oil (organic, cold pressed, not counterfeit).

Must-have munchies:

Dark chocolate, coconut anything (without sugar), Bulletproof Collagen Bars (especially for travel), raw nuts, blueberries.

Fave condiment:

Apple cider vinegar.

Ingredient that makes everything taste better:

Brain Octane Oil (plus, it makes ketones magically, even if you eat carbs), Himalayan salt and huge amounts of polyphenol-rich herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme and turmeric.

Go-to proteins:

Grass-fed Bulletproof Collagen, grass-fed lamb and beef, wild-caught fish and pastured eggs. You don’t need a lot of protein, but quality matters.

Best bargain:

Grass-fed butter is one of the most filling foods you can buy for three dollars. And yes, put it in your Bulletproof Coffee, and on everything else!

Best label-reading tip:

Know the many hidden names of MSG and avoid them all (including spice extracts, organic vegetable protein, and nutritional yeast).

Fave veggie + what you make with it:

Cauliflower and the bacon cauliflower mash from Bulletproof: The Cookbook.

Must-have pantry staples:

Organic white-rice flour (when you’re having carbs, you can make anything with it!), birch-tree xylitol (tastes like sugar, fights cavities), VanillaMax (lab-tested vanilla beans), Upgraded Chocolate Powder, sunflower seeds.

Craziest thing I buy:

Turkey and duck eggs. 30 avocados at a time.

Sweets and other indulgences:

Dark chocolate, berries, raw honey and lots of creamy desserts made with birch xylitol or stevia

Dairy or non-dairy faves:

“Get Some” ice cream (recipe in Bulletproof: The Cookbook).

Skip labels that read:

High-fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate, any grain except rice, GMO (because glyphosate), or artificial colorings and flavorings.

Favorite splurge:

Grass-fed ribeye steak with bacon cauliflower mash.

For last minute entertaining:

Bulletproof guacamole is easy to whip up – a few avocados, some Brain Octane, ACV, salt, oregano… good to go! Serve it with cucumber slices.

Favorite places to shop:

Natural grocers get almost all my business. Depending on where I’m traveling, you’ll see me at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Erewhon, Lassens, Central Market and sometimes Costco! I live on an organic farm, so at home I grow my own food.

Simple go-to recipe:

Every morning I have Bulletproof Coffee, and it’s simplified my morning routine and upgraded my head.

Bulletproof Coffee


12-16 oz of black coffee brewed with Bulletproof Coffee Beans
1-2 Tbsp of grass-fed butter
1-2 Tbsp of Brain Octane Oil
1-3 Tbsp Bulletproof Collagen, optional


Brew coffee as you normally would.

Add the all ingredients to high-speed blender. Blend ingredients until there is a thick layer of foam on top, like a latte.

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