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Energetically, a new moon is a good time set intentions. Even if you’re not a big believer in astrology, the themes that emerge around these cycles offer a good guide to conscious self-development. The new moon in Scorpio today, November 7th, is all about self-mastery and finding power in our inner demons. Mindful mama and yogi, Sophie Jaffe is sharing a powerful practice to whip on tonight as the new moon in Scorpio dominates…

These past few weeks have been complex as we traveled through the depths of watery Scorpio. You may have been hit with an intense and a highly charged season as you moved from the Full Moon in Taurus to the New Moon in Scorpio. It was a period of release and connection to new changes. It was a time of embracing new shifts in perspectives and new vibrant energy as you let go of thinking that which no longer serves your way of being.

I always find the New Moon to be such a delicious time for setting intentions, listening to your intuition, and allowing yourself to cleanse and reset. This is a time to align with your true self and see what you were like to conquer in the next cycle and where you want to find balance.

So often when we talk about New Moons we emphasize the positivity and light. In this case, with a New Moon in Scorpio, we need to talk about the darkness, but more importantly, not to be afraid of the shadowy side of the energy. When the sky is dark and the moon is invisible, but her presence is felt that is where the real magic happens. That is when we can turn inward and focus on our beauty within. That’s when we confront every bit of ourselves and see what needs to be shifted and what needs to be opened wide for the world to see.

Split photo with a woman holding her baby and burning incense on the left and aerial view of small crystals on the rightThe New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon on the 7th rests in the watery house of Scorpio. This is one of the most magical moons of the year. This is not a New Moon of release, but a New Moon of transformation. Scorpio is the light and dark combined. It’s a unique mix of the highs and lows of our being, which also means it can get pretty intense. When tapping into the full potential of Scorpio, the energy allows you to tap into your whole truth, highest integrity and full emotional strength. It’s so powerful. This is a moon all about connecting with your inner goddess and accessing the full power of your being.

This is a New Moon all about letting the universe know you’re open to receiving its guidance and magic. It’s time to fully acknowledge the strength of your intuition. As you open yourself up to this energy, you may confront a multitude of emotions. Hold yourself steady. Allow these emotions to wash in you and through you. Confronting the emotional spectrum will allow yourself to receive the higher emotional vibrations like love and bliss.

Aligning with the New Moon in Scorpio you can begin to let go of things that no longer serve you and transform them into abundance. The upcoming cycle is a time for gratitude. It’ll be a time to align with your inner power and become in control of your life and your energy.

Repeat the following mantras —

I am fearless and therefore powerful.
I create my own reality.

Magic New Moon Rituals

Treat yourself gently this New Moon. With Scorpio’s power fueling this New Moon, you may feel drawn to the tender parts of your heart. It’s all about embracing your true, authentic self and pursuing something in this life that really lights you up. Soak in a calming bath full of essential oils. Drink lavender tea. If you feel a creative energy, then by all means paint, draw, write, create – whatever pulls you. Journal and meditate. Allow yourself to hold onto yourself and bring forth any intentions that rest deep in the belly of your being.

Aerial view of a sheepskin area rug with a new moon ritual including incense, crystals, tarot cards and moreCreate A Space. You can set a welcoming and nurturing environment for holding gentle space and tapping into the moon’s energy by creating an altar for meditation and journaling. Set it with a candle or two. Set out crystals. For example, a Scorpio set includes obsidian for grounding, shungite to connect to universal wisdom, onyx for calling in magic, and black tourmaline for protection. Always bring a journal for writing any new intentions you’d like to focus on for the next cycle. I use palo santo to cleanse the space and my energy before meditating.

Use the following journal prompts —

What emotions are holding you back? What can you shift them into?

Where do you find yourself stuck? What are you afraid of pursuing? What would you do if there was nothing stopping you from achieving success?

What emotional vibrations do you want to bring into your life? What can you do to attract them?

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