The New Moon in Aquarius Is A Time For Pushing Boundaries

We’re one month out from our New Year’s resolutions and we’re here to remind you: you’re doing great. If you’re like us, you’ve been working out routines that are right for you and gathering inspiration to live well. The next step is to push forward our most creative selves and to do so with company — an energy called forth by tonight’s New Moon in Aquarius. Yogi and mindful mama, Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie, is helping us tap into the energetic potential of the new moon in Aquarius with a mindful little ritual we love…

The New Moon is a magical time to evaluate your life, reassess and set new intentions for the next cycle. The start of the month is a perfect time to look at all the progress you’ve made so far this new year and confront what is limiting you in reaching your full potential. Take time to celebrate you’re growth and allow your self to release what is blocking or limiting you. Thank it with love + gratitude then move forward. New moons are new beginnings. Plant the seeds for growth and begin the work!

Whether you decide to turn inward and celebrate a night of meditation and self-care rituals under the dark sky or, gather a group of your goddess sisters in a moon ceremony and celebrate your feminine power – encourage yourself to set intentions, channeling the moon’s energy and all she has to offer.

The New Moon in Aquarius:
What To Expect

This New Moon we meet the unconventional and inspirational energy of Aquarius. It encourages us to move forward into our creative and most unique self.

We’ll be challenged to expand our mind and shift perspectives on the routine way of doing things. Aquarius season is going beyond what’s expected, tapping into your artistic expressional self and bring new vibrant energy into your life. A little bit quirky and water-bearer that is Aquarius, she encourages us to also go beyond ourselves and connect into the power of the community and join together in doing good for the planet.

Aquarian energy carries the power of friendship, individualism and philanthropy. It’s a great time to embrace your strong and unapologetic self, hold onto your truth and cast it out in the world. It’s a season to find your community and celebrate radical energy and optimism. There’s no telling what we can accomplish when we rise up as a united force.

This is a time to dig into yourself and listen to your intuition more than ever.  You’ll be encouraged to feel forward-thinking and more original and inventive. Remain true to yourself. Push outside your zones of comfort, transformation happens within the uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Push boundaries this season, there’s no telling the magic that will come from it.

A New Moon Ritual

We’re entering a month of love so let’s celebrate this New Moon in Aquarius with some self-love. Self-love is about looking at yourself through the eyes of a loving human. It’s looking at yourself from the outside and asking “how can I treat this soul with the most love and care it deserves?” Self-love is simply about wielding your power to act from a place of kindness + respect toward your entire SELF.

Take your meditation slow before setting your New Moon intentions. Light some Palo Santo and journal a love note to yourself. Talk about your favorite physical attributes and what you’re proud to show off. Write all of your dreams over the month + year and all the qualities you possess to accomplish these goals. Then, write down 10 desires/goals/manifestations that want to see in your life end each with “or something better” End with an affirmation – I approve of myself. I love myself deeply and fully.

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