Snow Moon

Moonsplaining MUCH? Welcome to the first of our monthly moon readings with psychological and intuitive astrologer Danielle Beinstein. Prepare to be lifted, inspired, inquisitive and prompted to take action—or simply to gaze lovingly at the moon and be wowed…

Spiritual Significance: New Moons are an opportune time to set intentions and plant seeds for the immediate and long-term future. Each New Moon contains specific energy. The New Moon in Aquarius allows for clarity, mental and emotional breakthroughs, and seeing the bigger picture. 

Overall Themes to Explore: Think about where we may be fixed ideologically, and in need of an upgrade. We can get into a rut, unable to observe our lives from afar. This New Moon offers us that necessary wide-angle lens, heightening and broadening our view. This shift in perspective can awaken us to new possibilities. We may ask ourselves how open we are, how willing to try new experiences, or how we can express our talents in unique and unexpected ways. 

How you may feel: Awake. This energy is electric. We may feel more independent, or even detached emotionally, as our minds open up to limitless possibilities. We also may experience this in others. 

Excellent time to: Join a new group or cause. Aquarius is humanitarian. It’s interested in bettering the world. On this note, it’s also a great time to practice a Third Eye meditation. The Third Eye is where we see the truth, where we cut through the static and noise. Meditation strengthens our intuitive knowing and allows us to observe our thoughts, experiences and emotions without judgment or fear. 

Journaling Prompt:

+ How can I best honor my uniqueness?

+ How can I continue to keep an open mind, allowing for magic and synchronicity?

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