Kosas blush duo compact

We know it’s technically fall, but it’s basically Christmas for green beauty obsessees. Gorgeous new products are popping up left and right, and no one can help us navigate better than Hollywood’s top green beauty guru, Katey Denno. This celebrity make-up artist lives with her thumb on the pulse of non-toxic beauty, and has crafted a short-list of upcoming product launches every natural beauty lover needs to know. Stap on your fan-girl hat and meet your new faves…

The Perfect Pencil | Burt’s Bees ‘Warm Brown’ Eyeliner

Back when I was working with Burt’s Bees product development team, I begged them to make a rich warm brown liner with hints of gold, ala MAC’s Teddy (a staple in every makeup artist’s kit and truly great for just about every skin/hair/eye color combo). They did it… and it’s fabulous… and affordable! Thanks Burt’s! CHECK OUT

A Breezy Blush | Kosas ‘Longitude Zero’ / Saturate and Illuminate Pressed Blush Duo

There’s been a hole in the green beauty marketplace that Kosas just filled: light as air, perfectly pigmented, gorgeous powder blush. The duos come in three shades; this one is a great pink with a soft champagne highlighter. CHECK OUT

The Super Stick | Vapour Organic Beauty AER Deodorant

Being in tight spaces with clients, generally with my arms up, right by their face, means I need to smell good all the time. When I stopped using aluminum based anti-perspirants years ago I began testing every non-toxic armpit product I could find. I have sensitive skin. Although a friend of mine who also has sensitive skin did have an irritation from AER, I didn’t – and haven’t – and I’ve been using it daily for over a month. I love all three of the scents equally: ginger grapefruit, palo santo blood orange and lavender myrrh. The gel-to-powder formula glides on easily directly from the package, and although I can’t promise you it won’t leave a little white residue on the inside of your dark shirts, it checks off every other box. CHECK OUT

The Beauty BFF | Ouli’s All Purpose Beauty Ointment

Yum! This balm smells and feels delicious. I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest balm, and because balms are often starter products for green beauty brands, I try at least 50, if not double that, per year. What sets Ouli’s apart? It’s a mix of Grecian organic olive oil, chamomile essence and beeswax. I love that the simple ingredient list makes it gentle enough for rough spots around the eyes, for lips and to soothe hurty spots on little ones. Plus, it smells and feels delicious (I see I already said that). CHECK OUT

The Skin Savior | True Botanicals Antioxidant Boost
If there’s one step to take at night after washing and moisturizing, it should be this: Apply this product, which, with daily use, works to firm skin, smooth wrinkles, even skin tone, clear acne, brighten hyperpigmentation, lighten scarring, calm inflammation, protect against UV damage and reduce redness. Seriously. Basically it prevents and repairs the damage done to skin by exposure to UV, stress and pollution. CHECK OUT

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