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    Neighborhood Love: LA’s Abbot Kinney
    Main Squeeze: Lemonade Cafe

    Most lemonade-themed restaurants center their menus around hot dogs and french fries, but not this one. LA's Lemonade Cafe is still wholly all-American, but in the most West Coast way.

    Entering one of Lemonade's brightly-colored locations provides the same rush as entering an Italian gelateria with it's rows of rainbow-colored, edible options. At Lemonade, those colors come from a dreamy line-up of grain-based salads and veggie dishes worthy of star status. We like to think of it as something like the ultimate Whole Foods salad bar – a true compliment in our book.

    Hit up Lemonade for the best quick lunch on the street, enormous Easter egg-colored French macaroons and, of course, several dazzling versions of lemonade perfect for strolling down the street with or for taking off toward the beach!

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    lemonade abbott kinney restaurant

    The Abbot-Kinney neighborhood has always been a hipster hotbed, but over the past couple of years it has attracted the attention of some of our favorite retailers and restauranteurs. Pressed Juicery planted its local footstep here inside TOM’s flagship store just last year.

    What makes this street so special, beyond the great architecture and local street art, is its mix of world-class retailers and homegrown shops – a delicate balance that is difficult to maintain and one we, along with with all of Venice, hope remains for a long time to come! Here are our 6 favorite spots along the boulevard…what are yours?

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    1. Who else do you love on Abbott Kinney? We could’ve listed so many loves! Tortoise General Store, FEED…who do you love?

      The Chalkboard | 10.15.2013 | Reply
    2. I used to LOVE Vert, which was the first luxury natural boutique store in the country and I miss it on Abbot Kinney, wish someone would open something similar on that stretch. So glad you included Gjelina, my always must stop. I also really love, The Tasting Kitchen, AXE and Nice Cream. For a nice spa treatment Nite Spa is a sweet place to stop, the staff is just awesome. And the Mystic Journey bookstore is an Abbott Kinney classic!

      Victoria | 10.16.2013 | Reply
      • Love these recommendations, Victoria!

        The Chalkboard | 10.17.2013 | Reply
    3. Don’t forget that awesome Scandi gift store Huset, a lot of the items that come out of Scandinavia are very earth friendly, eco-organic materials and most of the manufactures that do produce their wares outside of Scandinavia are fair trade. I love the selection they have, they have great gifts for everyone on my list

      Heidi | 10.17.2013 | Reply

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