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Neighborhood Love: LA’s Abbot Kinney
Slow Fast Food: Gjelina Take Away

Oh, Gjelina! Enough poetry has been written about this heavenly hotspot in the press, but we still can't get enough of this quintessentially Venetian eatery and its take-away spot next door.

Spend a long evening on their back patio with a variety of mini mono-meals: broccolini, cauliflower, radicchio – all deliciously served on their own. Or, if you don't want to come in off the streets, order from GTA, their standing-room-only to-go counter with equal charm. Try their avocado toast and be forever changed.

Photo credit: Simone Anne



lemonade abbott kinney restaurant

The Abbot-Kinney neighborhood has always been a hipster hotbed, but over the past couple of years it has attracted the attention of some of our favorite retailers and restauranteurs. Pressed Juicery planted its local footstep here inside TOM’s flagship store just last year.

What makes this street so special, beyond the great architecture and local street art, is its mix of world-class retailers and homegrown shops – a delicate balance that is difficult to maintain and one we, along with with all of Venice, hope remains for a long time to come! Here are our 6 favorite spots along the boulevard…what are yours?

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