Need To Know: Infrared Sauna

I love the sauna! Who doesn’t?! Whenever I have a chance, I always go for 30 min session. The health benefits of basic saunas are endless, but have you heard about the infrared sauna? According to studies, infrared saunas are highly beneficial to our health and work  just like the sunlight but without any of the dangerous effects of solar radiation. After doing more research on the technology, I’ve become a huge fan and now only want to use infrared saunas. Let’s see how it works and why it is far more beneficial than traditional saunas:


they go deep.

Infrared heat travels 2-3″ deep into the body to improve circulation and repair damaged tissue. Traditional sauna heat travels only 1/2″  in into the body, doesn’t reach majority of the muscles and tissues. Now you know where to go when you have a sports injury!

They heat the air.

Traditional saunas heat the air to warm the body. Infrared saunas works differently, directly warming the body, which results in deeper penetration. I don’t sweat a lot generally, but I noticed that after 5 minutes in the infrared sauna, I’m sweating tons.

They give a better burn.

During infrared sauna sessions, you burn more calories because it takes energy to produce sweat. When your body heats up, your metabolic rate is increased. Who doesn’t love to see the unwanted extra dress size melting away?

They're bug-biters.

Traditional saunas create a bacteria-friendly environment because of the humidity. The air is dry in infrared saunas, which stops the spread of the microbes and bacterias, making it far more hygienic.

They clean house.

The sweat amount is 2-3 times greater then in a tradition saunas during same amount of time, which means toxins and heavy metals are removed much faster and more easily.

They put on a good face.

Infrared light heals acne, scars, blemishes and discoloration on the face. It repairs and tones the tissue. When I’m in the sauna, I always stick my face closer to the light source so that it can rejuvenate my face. I get strange looks all the time!

What to do after:

After a sauna session, it is a good idea to have freshly squeezed celery and apple juice to hydrate and replenish your body.

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