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Barbara Close founded skincare brand Naturopathica in the mid-90s with the mission to educate women on the connection between holistic health and beauty. While there may be more consumer interest in naturals than ever before, such was not always the case. Barbara was one of the first to create skincare products based on herbal remedies and naturopathic medicine.

We love to celebrate women in wellness who are forerunners in their space. One of the reasons we have so many incredible natural options on the shelf today is because of pioneering women like Close who first introduced a generation of women to clean products and a more holistic way of looking at their skin health.

“My goal at Naturopathica has been to educate people about natural health and its connection to beauty. I define beauty as an expression of living an authentic, healthy and vibrant life that celebrates one’s own unique being.” – Barbara Close

We chatted with Barbara earlier this month about her wellness journey and picked up a few key insights for treating skin well from the inside out…

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your Skin is a reflection of your body’s overall health. 

At Naturopathica’s original Hamptons cottage and inside their Chelsea studio, treatments begin with a holistic confessional. From diet to sleep to stress and hormone levels, every aspect of the spa-goer’s lifestyle is taken into account before the skin’s true needs are assessed and treated. Whether visiting them in person or online, a trip to Naturopathica is half skin-assessment, half life-assessment. Their holistic range of skin, body and herbal remedies aim to address the root cause of skin imbalances, not just the symptoms, for beautiful skin and lasting results. We love this approach for lasting shifts in the health of the skin.

Drink something wild every day. 

Since the beginning, long before it was trendy, Barbara has used herbal remedies as an integral part of a healthy skincare routine.
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Herbal remedies, like teas and tinctures, help support and strengthen the body’s reaction to stress using adaptogen and nervine herbs. Adaptogens, such as ginseng and schisandra berry, are known to help build immunity and energy reserves, while nervines (a class of sedative herbs including chamomile and passionflower) help relax the body and mind. Add an herbal tea, tincture and fortified honey to your essential daily care to soothe the skin and senses.

Barbara recommends two dropperfuls of Oats Stress Relief Tincture in one cup of Stress Tea. Drizzle with Stress Resistance Fortified Honey for a sweet way to combat stress-related symptoms. For a custom consultation, stop into a Naturopathica Healing Arts Center & Spa to meet with one of their on-staff herbalists.

Fight inflammation for Youthful Skin. 

With a flood of products and treatments on the market for aging skin, it’s beneficial to have clarity on aging skin from a pro who knows what she’s talking about. According to Barbara, inflammation inside the body and topically on the skin are the concerns we should pay the most attention to. No matter what’s trending in the beauty market, if ingredients and formulas cause systemic inflammation on your skin, they are doing you zero favors. That’s why she was one of the first to use only the best, non-irritating botanical and active ingredients that work in harmony with the skin and body. She was also one of the first to secure the ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetic standard for skincare products in the United States, guaranteeing that every ingredient was vetted for safety, sustainability and quality. See Naturopathica’s Ecocert collection here.

For topical needs she recommends Naturopathica’s Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream. Inspired by the herb’s healing effect on her mother’s radiation burns during cancer treatments, Barbara created the luxurious and beloved cream to tap into the anti-inflammatory and wound-healing qualities of this transformative ingredient. She also recommends the Oat Cleansing Facial Polish: Gentle enough for daily use, this 3-in-1 cleanser, scrub and mask features soothing oats and exfoliating jojoba beads to sweep away dry skin and impurities.Naturopathica spa

The same goes for internal inflammation. If you’re following an impeccable skincare routine without addressing inflammatory foods and stressors in your lifestyle, you’re only fighting half the battle for great skin.

Barbara recommends adding the Burdock Healthy Skin Tincture to your routine. An antioxidant-rich liquid herbal supplement with purifying and restorative properties, the tincture helps promote healthy skin. Used in traditional Eastern and Western medicine, burdock is known as an antioxidant-rich herb for cleansing and purifying the body.

To learn more about holistic skincare, visit Naturopathica.com or read The Naturopathica Effect — Barbara Close’s latest book — with tips for clean skincare, smart food choices, herbal remedies and enjoyable wellness rituals that can transform how you look and feel.

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