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Tie Dye is back and we’re not mad about it. The playful look is perfect for summer (here’s proof) and diving into a tie dye DIY project could be a fun way to indulge your creativity. Kill a few hours with friends and customize the trending look to stylish perfection with one of the DIYs below

There’s a fine line between campy tie dye and cool tie dye, and it has everything to do with the process itself. Having a few key accent pieces that use plant-based pigments and natural materials brings an artisanal edge to our wardrobes and homes. Finding the perfect piece is hard; but making your own ensures an elevated look — and it’s easier to do than you may think.

From learning how to turn wild fennel, berries and grapes into gorgeous pigments to the ancient Japanese art of arashi shibori, we’re sharing a few of our favorite and totally gorgeous tutorials for tie dye DIY projects.

tie dye diy project
The Ultimate Tie Dye DIY | A few years back we enjoyed an incredible tie diy workshop along with a few natural beauty brand we love. Inside the workshop, ladies each dyed their own silk handkerchiefs using sustainably harvested and native plant dyes. Playing with the process at home is simpler than you might expect — and tons of fun to do with friends. Simply prep the space, set up your materials, tie up some fabric and get dipping with this simple tie dye DIY. LEARN MORE

Play With Technique | We learned all about the Japanese art of “arashi shibori” from designer and fine arts professor, Sasha Duerr, whose book Natural Color is full of inspiring tutorials. Arashi shibori is also known as pole-wrapping shibori. In this method, the cloth is wrapped straight or on the diagonal around a pole and then very tightly bound by winding thread or twine up and down the pole. You can also scrunch the cloth on the pole after binding it, resulting in a pleated textile with a design on the diagonal. It’s fun, it’s therapeutic and it’s guaranteed to be beautiful. LEARN MORE

shibori tie dye diyUpstate Natural Dye Kit | Choosing the right dye is key to creating an elevated tie dye look. We’re obsessed with Upstate’s natural dye kits, featuring pigments made with plant-based ingredients. Yellow is made from turmeric and chamomile flowers, pink is made with hibiscus and sandalwood, and blue is made from indigo. You can use the tin itself to dye anything from your fave vintage stained dress to a basic beach towel that could use a refresh.  CHECK OUT

best tie dye DIY projects

Make Your Own Dye | Want to take your tie dye DIY to the next level? Try making your own plant-based dyes. We scored a quick and natural DIY recipe from Wildcraft Studio School — who first caught our eyes with these handmade sandals — that uses wild ingredients like fenel, berries and grapes to craft gorgeous natural hues. LEARN MORE

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