Living well isn’t just about fixing imbalances, it’s about fine-tuning our (innately intelligent) bodies to do what they do best: just be. As longtime fans of Donna Eden’s work with Energy Medicine, we couldn’t love her protege’s new book more — and are excited to share a series showcasing her incredible natural healing knowlege here on TCM.

Join us on the journey as yogi and energy medicine master, Lauren Walker, is teaching us how to activate the natural healing potential of our bodies – and it’s far simpler than you might expect…

The body is brilliant. It does a million things without you even thinking about it. There are still things the body does that science cannot explain; like how a cell differentiates in the fetus, becoming a brain cell or a liver cell. Science cannot replicate the intricate and self-created healing response of the body. If you get a cut or break a leg, science can set your leg, but it can’t describe the hundreds of processes that knit the bone back together, knit the skin back together and bring it back to wholeness.

When the body is in balance, it can heal everything. We’ve all read those miracle stories of overnight healing of cancers and other debilitating diseases; Western medicine has no answer for those miracles. The answer is: your own body!

Every day our bodies are detoxing and clearing disease patterns. A healthy immune system can handle almost anything you throw at it. But the problems happen when our immune systems are overtaxed.

So if you’re taxed, tired and stressed, how can your body do what it naturally wants to do? This is where energy comes in. Not just any kind of energy. But energy that is intelligently guided to help you come into balance, so you can heal. This type of intelligent energy is what we teach with Energy Medicine Yoga.

The first thing you need to do to activate the natural healing intelligence of your body is to start speaking to your body in the language your body can understand. Your body speaks in pulses and rhythms. Once you learn this simple language, your body will start listening to you and responding. Without having to learn the whole language, here are some basic things you can do to get your body into healing mode.

Get your energy moving forward

+ Thump all over your upper chest with vigor, Tarzan style.

This speaks to all of your meridian systems, and specifically, your kidney meridian, which is the leader of the pack. Thumping on your chest like this gets your energy moving forward.

Get your energy crossing over

+ March in place tapping the right hand to the right thigh and the left hand to the left thigh. Do this ten times.
+ Brush your hands off and march in place, tapping your right hand to your left thigh and your left hand to your right thigh.

This crosses the energy over the midline of the body and is incredibly important to your body’s ability to function well. The body can’t heal if the energy isn’t crossing over.

Calm your stress response

+ Put your palm over your forehead.
+ Put two fingers into the hollow at the base of your throat.

These two holds help to diffuse the stress response in the body so you are calmer and can think clearly. They help keep you from going into fight-or-flight response at every little trigger — even the big triggers.

Get your energy grounded

+ Walk barefoot on the earth.
+ Oil your feet.
+ Rub a stainless steel spoon over the bottoms of your feet.

All three of these things help to ground your energy, so it can be more easily directed to do the work it needs to do in the body. Once you start to activate, de-stress and ground your energy, it will start to work for you in ways you’ve dreamed of but never thought were truly possible.

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