Okay, technically, it’s still summer, but we’re ready for a fall beauty overhaul now! Get a head start with our Editor-In-Chief Suzanne Hall and celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno as they take us through a month’s worth of beauty topics and their favorite picks from natural beauty retailer Credo Beauty.

As editor of The Chalkboard, Suzanne sees the newest and best in natural beauty – sometimes before product even hits the shelves. We’ve seen her try almost everything (goat placenta sheet masks and about a million facial spritzes included) before sharing our favorites in our stories and in The Shop. As for Katey, we’ve trusted this makeup guru for years for her passionate commitment to growing the green beauty world and using only the most effective products available on clients from Amber Heard to January Jones.

We’re starting off talking about perfect picks for indulgent beauty routines and self-care night’s in. You may not be able to fit these kinds of beauty rituals into you daily routine, but find time once a week for these incredible smelling scrubs and other self-care musts…

Red Flower Moroccan Rose Candle | What’s a home spa experience without an incredible candle? Just a bath! There are few candles we adore more than red flower’s. Set the mood with this intoxicating (and all natural) scent to get things started. CHECK OUT HERE

One Love Vitamin C Body Polish | One Love’s packaging is so adorable. This scrub is a great weekly ritual and won’t goop up your tub or shower. It’s citrusy granules are easy to apply, gentle, but effective and the perfect way to encourage healthy skin turnover for more youthful skin. Apply this, rinse off and follow with your favorite skin oil for the softest skin ever.  CHECK OUT HERE

Marie Veronique Organics’ Gentle Retinol Night Serum  | Formulated with science, art, and maybe magic. Katey uses this serum 4 -5 nights a week, mixed with vitamin C powder caps from True Botanicals. See an enormous difference in sun damage spots, large pores, fine lines with this combo after regular daily use. A lot of other retinols can make skin sensitive, but we’ve found this to be ultra gentle. CHECK OUT HERE

Red Flower Lemon Coffee Blossom Scrub | Between visits to the Korean spa, this scrub is the next best thing. The granules are the right size so it’s never irritating and the ratio of scrub to oil is just right so that it never stains as other coffee scrubs are prone to do. The real kicker? The scent! This lemon coffee scent is one of the most indulgent adds to a long shower we can think of.

Tammy Fender’s Epi Peel | This is Katey’s number one pick for face scrubs! The ingredients are impeccable, the grit is perfect and really keeps under the skin bumps from forming. Weekly use will put your skin on a whole other level. CHECK OUT HERE

Red Flower Hammam Rose Clay | Yet another red flower product! The scents in this exotic feeling natural brand have everything to do with it. Meant for both face and body, this blend of kaolin clay and natural oils detoxifies and heals skin, from head to toe. Wrap your entire body in the clay like a mask and leave on while you deep condition your hair! CHECK OUT HERE

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