This video is everything – a little absurd, a lot cute and everything you need to know about the list of National Pet Day resources we’ve gathered for you below…

In honor of this day for the pawed ones among us, we asked a few of the most devoted pet parents in our L.A. offices to share their top picks for their pets. And we could never have imagined the answers they threw our way.

From the aspirational (farm-to-table dog food) to the adorable (office pup, Oliver, gets the music video treatment at the groomers!) this list of pet-tastic resources is so L.A. Anyone who owns a pet knows how much they do for us daily: they listen to us complain without saying a word, they clean up after our messes and they provide endless amounts of unconditional love – so why not show a little extra love when we can? Find some inspiration below…

Glam Grooming

You don’t need to be a pet owner to get a kick out of the instagram feed from L.A. dog stylist, Jess Rona. One special pup in our office sees groomer Jess Rona religiously and we’re obsessed with the hilarious, soundtracked, slow-motions results.

The Purest Eats

PURE Dog Food makes food that is “good enough for you but made for your dog”. Treat your pet to a fine-dining experience and the healthiest option out on the market with their selection of healthy, organic, natural and fully cooked food. All ingredients are locally sourced, and can be delivered straight straight to your home through their subscription services.

As an extra bonus, Pressed Juicery is offering a free bag of PURE dog treats with any juice purchase you make today (4/11). Because what goes better with green juice than a handful of grain-free Chick’n and Parsley treats?

Must-Have Mug

This cool no-spill water bottle for dogs lets you give them water on-the-go, then absorbs what they don’t drink so you don’t waste! It also fits into a standard cup-holder, so you don’t have to worry about any literal “car pools” en route to your next outdoor adventure.

Artisan Adornments

Beast and Babe is a local collar and leash company that sources vintage and artisan fabrics for their products. They also donate back to charity with every purchase, so your pet isn’t the only one who benefits!

Doggie Dentist

Kim Haba is one of the best doggie dentists in the world, and the personal dentist for some of the top dogs on our team. Beyond ensuring pearly white perfection for vanity-sake, her services make sure your pet’s health is never compromised by problems of oral origin.

Personal Training

Move over Cesar Millan – the Zen Dog employs gentle, yet effective training techniques to help smooth out behavioral issues and cultivate the best possible relationship with your pet.

All-Purpose Pampering

Pussy & Pooch is our favorite go-to spot for everything dog (and cat) related. Offering services ranging from socializing and training to grooming and grubbing, this “urban oasis” is a one-stop shop for all-purpose pet pampering.

Luxe Boarding

The Club Beverly Hills is pet-sitting on a high luxury level, offering “lifestyle management” with state-of-the-art facilities including a spa, salon, fitness course, and overnight villas. Situated in the heart of Beverly Hills next to Andy LeCompte Salon, this members-only club is the best place to show your pet that money really can buy happiness…

Deep Bonding

Yes, this is real… Pet psychic, Amanda Riester, promises unparalleled closeness between you and your pet with personal psychic readings and holistic energy therapies.
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