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Oh, how we yearn for our preschool years when scheduled naps were a daily occurrence. Adult life — especially adult life in Manhattan — has a way of keeping mind-body balance just out of reach. Nap York is hoping to change that with their weird, yet awesome new wellness club in the heart of NYC.

Take a quick skip from Penn Station and you’ll find Nap York’s 3-story, 24-hour HQ — a velvety all-black building that gives us major silk sleep-mask feels. Nap York is an oasis for busy New Yorkers, designed to be “a quiet place to concentrate deliberately on yourself” with everything one might need for a genuinely restful midday break: nap pods, plant walls, cafe, charging stations etc.

The importance of getting enough, high-quality rest is a major topic in wellness. We appreciate influential voices like Arianna Huffington who has been changing the narrative on sleep, crediting her dedication to good sleep as fuel for her success in business. Wellness and medical pros across the board emphasize the game-changing nature of good sleep hygiene and restoring energy naturally, rather than being constantly cracked out on espresso.

Napping, even just for a few minutes, has major health benefits. According to a study from Harvard Medical School, “napping increased the time spent in slow-wave and rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, which are thought to play important roles in restoring the body and brain. Whether they took long naps or short naps, participants showed [measurable cognitive benefits].”

Here are a few things we learned about Nap York that piqued our curiosity…

it’s a coffee shop alt. Have you ever tried to find a seat at a coffee shop between flights, appointments or meetings? It’s not exactly a restorative endeavor. Nap York is designed to be a place where you can comfortably hang out and reboot so you can hit the rest of your day with the feeling of a fresh start.

you can Nap In A Pod. A 30-minute nap in a personal pod will set you back less than a latte and a protein bar. We’re not sure if it’s creepy or if we’re really into it, but we love the idea of restoring energy levels naturally, as our body needs it.

there’s a charging concierge.  Yes, please. The Nap York cafe abounds in chargers – if there’s any service we need more than anything else it’s a charging concierge!

they serve food. The Nap York cafe serves up quick and fresh food to help power you through the rest of your day. What could be better post-nap than a whipped tumeric pudding bowl with mango and coconut?

they’re into Yoga Nidra. This ancient practice isn’t a nap, but it certainly feels like one. One 30-minute session of Yoga Nidra will restore your energy levels like you had a full night sleep.

you can just relax. Need a place to chill but don’t want to power down for a nap? Cozy up in Nap York’s plant-dressed room of egg chairs and spend 30 minutes leisure-ing it up for just a few bucks.

Planning a visit to Nap York? Scan these tips for how to fall asleep anywhere, fast.

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