Make The Switch: Kale Chips

Most people love to snack throughout the day. Potato chips have become a staple in the American diet – we love chips with sandwiches, soups or as a simple snack. The truth is, potato chips are not healthy, even though they taste delicious. White potatoes are not a nutritious option, and when you add oil and fry or bake them, you have an even unhealthier product.

Kale chips are the best alternative to potato chips. You receive all the healthy benefits of kale seasoned with the yumminess of potato chips. There are some very creative kale chips on the market with flavors like Cool Ranch, BBQ or Nasty Hot. You will be how surprised by how they satisfy your craving for a crunchy and savory snack.

Check out Brad’s Raw Chips – they make a complete line of both kale chips and potato chip alternatives check them out here.

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