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Hey Everyone!

If you’ve been following Five Girls Raw you already know the fabulous Rawmates Ashleigh, Christina, Maydelle, Jenna, and Adrian- so allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Aisha, aka Eesh, their not-so-raw-kind-of-mate. Okay, that’s a little confusing. Basically I didn’t go Raw and I’m not their Roommate (I’m a fRAWd! sorry, couldn’t help myself)… so who am I? I’m their cheerleader, friend, and behind-the-scenes helping hand.

As we begin to wrap up this crazy adventure over the next few weeks, I wanted to make sure I gave a shout out to the Chalkboard community and also to these outstanding ladies who took on quite the challenge and did NOT quit!

You guys have been amazing and Holy Bananas (that’s for you Ash) have you made me laugh!

But most of all, perhaps without even realizing it, the five of you have been so incredibly inspiring. Even though I don’t live with you, and I haven’t been eating 100% raw, you girls have definitely made an impact on me over the past couple months. While spending time with you I managed to nix my chocolate-everyday-habit, complete my first 5 day juice cleanse, and become a full fledged coconut addict.

I have also been experimenting with more raw recipes…

Coconut Lime Yogurt

and even posted one for a raw dessert on my blog which I am very proud of! (usually I’m more of a baker than a raw-er)

Coconut Cacao Pudding- recipe at eeshyourheartout.com

So, that being said, Thank You for involving me on your project/journey and for being so “Rawesome” (I have a feeling these puns will continue even after the doc + diet are over)…

Love you girls!

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