We ran – almost literally – to catch up with ever-active Julianne Hough to chat about her favorite ways to sweat it out and stay inspired. We’re all ears and taking notes on Jules sweet inspirations (her brother, Derek) and secrets to staying on track. Check out her responses to our twenty questions on top studios, best playlists and how to stay inspired. Her answer to ‘favorite dance scene in a movie’ is kind of amazing…

Greatest dance influence:

My biggest dance influence would have to be my brother Derek. His close attention to detail and passion for what he does makes him exceptional at his craft. I swear there isn’t anything he can’t do!

Inspo to hit the gym:

I just love the way I feel after working out. It puts me in the best mood: I feel clear, confident and ready for the day!

How important is routine?

I think it varies from person to person, but I definitely love (and need) routine. I find I’m my best when I have a set schedule, and if I’m not currently on a project, I’ll create a schedule for myself.

Favorite workout class:

I love the classes at Tracy Anderson and Body by Simone, Corepower Yoga and Soul Cycle!

Favorite outdoor workout:

Hiking in LA with my dogs, Lexi and Harley! The Lake Hollywood one is close to my house and dog friendly, so we go there often.

On my studio playlist:

Because I take classes, I don’t have a playlist of my own. David from Soul Cycle and Erika from Body by Simone have the greatest playlists though! I’ve definitely stolen a few of theirs…

Fave music to dance:

Anything that is upbeat, happy, and fun! If I want to feel super empowered, then Queen Bey is my girl.

Fave gym buddy:

I usually work out by myself, but sometimes Nina and I will take a class together, or I’ll do Soul Cycle with some girlfriends.

Favorite fitnesswear outfit this fall:

From my MPG Fall line, I’m loving the Allegro bra top (in any color), the black and grey Mynx cardigan, and black Shuffle legging.

Favorite post-workout fuel:

Immediately after I workout I’ll drink a protein shake. Then about an hour later, I’ll have a salad with grilled chicken and veggies.

Favorite way to hydrate?

Honestly, just water! I fill my MPG bottle up with a ton of ice and water and refill it throughout the day.

Best movie or musical dance sequence ever:

The dance scene at the end of First Wives Club…

Best fitness advice I ever received:

Have fun and be yourself!

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