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Samantha “Foxx” Winship is the creative force behind Mother’s Finest Urban Farm in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. With a passion for farming innovation and education, Foxx runs over seven acres of farmland with chickens, bees and all the rest. Her team offers training for children that includes beekeeping, vermiculture, poultry care, growing food and basic farm operations.

Her style and passion caught our attention as we looked for a few new farms to feature this fall. Enjoy our On the Farm feature with Samantha…

My Daily Work Routine Is… It’s more of a motto, ‘put my lipstick on and hustle’! That’s my farm-her mentality and keeps me motivated. 

The Easiest Things I Grow or Raise Are… The easiest thing I raise surprisingly are my chickens. I’ve raised most of my chickens from a day old hatch and find them to be so easy to maintain. They come out so resilient and ready to stand on their two little feet. They are one of my absolute favorites about being on the farm. 

The Hardest Part of My Day Is… The hardest part of my day can be resting. I have such a large load of responsibilities that sometimes it can be very hard to tell myself when to shut off and it’s nearly impossible to get it all done in one day.

I’ve had so many amazing opportunities this year, but it can feel as if everyone is tugging at you sometimes. It’s super important to pour back into yourself and not act as if things happen out of thin air — you have to make people respect your time and the value of your work. 

The Most magical Part of My Day Is… Most of the time, it is all of it. I enjoy having so many wonderful things to wake up to. I enjoy going out during the day and having a whole experience that offers so much beauty in my life and my family’s life. Farming is magical, it’s so rewarding to be able to have this experience and be so connected with something so beautiful. 

Lunch Is Usually… Whatever I can get creative with that I have harvested. I like to challenge myself with food and try new things. I believe flavor is what we tend to look for in food and I like to get creative with veggies and create new recipes. 

A Creative Aspect of My Job Is… I’m very hands on with my products and this is where a lot of my creative energy goes. I love art and creativity, it’s a huge part of who I am. Also, I love having the opportunity to do films recently and want to continue to nurture that side of my artistic self and just create more and as much as I can. 

A Day Never Goes By Without… Being thankful, even with the temperature of the world today being ever-changing. I truly believe there is always something to be thankful for.

When The Sun Sets, I End My Day By… being thankful.

Foods I Eat That I Don’t Grow Are… Rambutan! This fruit is literally like a little slice of heaven. I’m over-joyed any time I can get my hands on them. 

I Feel Most Rewarded By… Feeling appreciated for the work and labor we do. It’s so much sacrifice, lots of missed vacations because of our animals, plants and responsibilities. But, we are dedicated and we love what we do. I think everyone, wants to feel appreciated no matter what it is they do. 

We View Our Role in The Community As… We view our role in community as being essential. We truly believe in taking on issues like wellness and health together as a community.

Personally, for me, I am empowered by seeing other people empowered by farming and learning about how they can work together as a family and do some of the same exact things we are doing. I have a very supportive community.

I Wish People Understood… what it really takes to put food on the table. 

Purchasing From A Farmers Market is Important Because… Knowing where your food comes from is vital and essential, this is the value of knowing your farmer and being able to actually see and connect with who supplies your food. 

We Have Fun By… fishing, when we can. Being by the water is definitely something we love. 

Shopping Tips… After a few years of vending at markets, I’ve learned that the neat market shopping tip is to look around at everything first and then make your purchases. I tend  to want to buy immediately, which is why I consider myself a plant hoarder LOL.  

You Can Find Us… You can find us at Mother’s Finest Farms and on Instagram. Our holistic remedies are also available on Etsy. Reach out to us to visit our farm!

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