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As a model, designer, entrepreneur, wifey of a superstud and mother of three gorgeous kids, Camila Alves’ days start early and stay full. Maintaining healthy habits and a sense of balance is paramount for keeping it all together, and this cool mama nails it in a way that has us inspired.

Camila’s all-natural baby food line, Yummy Spoonfuls, is going big in major ways this summer, including hitting the shelves at Target! To celebrate, we asked Camila to tell us about her personal wellness rituals in the morning and we love what she shared: A little sunrise reading with a cup of yerba mate sounds just about right to us (even if it does start at 5am), and mixing her own brand of baby food into a little banana manna ice cream is something we’re definitely down to try. Read on to get this high-energy mama’s favorite ideas and most-fun mom moments….

I can’t start my morning without…

My alarm clock!

A Typical Breakfast:

It varies every day, but we do a lot of eggs and avocados for breakfast in many different styles. For me, I usually do Q’ia superfood cereal with almond milk, berry and agave. And when we all need extra energy, we do a bowl of black beans, eggs and avocado!

Favorite morning beverage:

Favorite moment in the morning:

When I’m able to wake up around 5-5:30 a.m., the house is fully quiet and I can have a calm tea, get myself ready, read and watch the morning light come in.

Healthiest daily habit:

I drink three to four liters of water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. When I’m on the go as much as I am, I’ve been taking the Yummy Spoonfuls pouch (blueberry strawberry banana and apple carrot) as a midday snack.

Current mama mantra:

It is not perfect… it will never be perfect… but I will keep on trying day in and day out!

Fave family activity at home lately:

We have been into a lot of cooking together, including my three year old! My oldest, Levi, age seven, did a sushi night last night for the family. He’s making sushi better than me!

Fave family recipe this summer:

Since it is summer, I will share a refreshing healthy treat! Homemade banana ice cream – it’s super easy and is made with only bananas, nothing else! We do different variations by adding different Yummy Spoonfuls fruit flavors into the mix! Everyone in the family has different favorites!

Healthy kid’s snacks always on hand:

I’ve been working on the Yummy Spoonfuls brand for a few years now, so my kids and I have been having a lot of Yummy Spoonfuls flavors – mostly really cold, as a refreshing treat! We do a lot of guacamole with different sides and popcorn cooked in the pan – my kids have a game of how many popping kernels I can catch with the lid half open!

Daily uniform this summer:

Whatever I can find time to put together! But it is summer so I will try to have fun!

Fitness obsession lately:

I am in South Africa, so I’ve been watching Body By Simone 20-minute videos!

Songs currently on our family playlist:

Lauryn Hill and Caetano Veloso all the way…

Best tip for living well as a business woman, wife and mother:

Always have your priorities clear with anything you do! Even if at times you have to push the priorities aside because of the craziness and chaos that comes from balancing everything. You will always have a foundation to come back to, to get centered again.

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