Mornings In Bloom With Blogger Heather Taylor

We all have a friend or two who can seemingly balance it all and Heather Taylor of LA In Bloom is definitely one of those people! Not only is she the owner and director of Taylor de Cordoba Art Gallery in Los Angeles, she’s also a new bride, an avid cook and a traveler extraordinaire who manages to do everything with impeccable style. Heather is a true tastemaker in Los Angeles in every sense of the word. From writing a column on the best eateries in LA for Huffington Post and previewing pieces from the H&M and Marni collaboration to creating beautiful travel videos that make us want to hit the road, we’re hopelessly devoted to all things Heather. We love checking her site daily and constantly wonder how this multi-tasker does it all, so we tagged along for one action-packed morning to see how she takes on the day.

The Chalkboard Mag: Are you a night owl or a morning person?
Heather Taylor: “Morning person in a major way.”

TCM: What are the first 3 things you do in the morning?
HT: “1. Pretend like I’m not going to check email and then proceed to check it from bed before my eyes are even completely open.
2. Get the water boiling for coffee.
3. Turn on NPR.”

TCM: Having a flexible schedule, do you like to stay in pyjamas or get dressed right away?
HT: “I usually spend an hour on the computer before working out – usually a hike, spin class or yoga. I like to drink coffee in my PJs while working on my blog before putting on my workout clothes and starting my day.”

TCM: What’s your favorite thing to have for breakfast?
HT: “I love a fresh smoothie – my new favorite is Coconut and Kale! I love hard boiled eggs with sea salt and avocado toast.”

TCM: Coffee, tea, or juice?
HT: “All of the above! My ideal morning starts with coffee and ends with a green juice.”

TCM: Do you have a favorite neighbourhood haunt?
HT: “Salt’s Cure! It’s a ten minute walk from my house and they serve the most incredible Oatmeal Griddlecakes on the weekends. The recipe is from the chef’s mother and they are insanely good. I’ve begged him for the recipe and he won’t budge.”

TCM: What do you wear every day? What’s your daily uniform?
HT: “It’s always changing, but right now it’s cropped white jeans and a bright silk blouse from J. Crew. Accessories are Maya Brenner initial earrings, Clare Vivier Azul messenger bag and Isabel Marant scarf. I’m loving my Marni for H&M silver sandals.”

TCM: What websites do you hit up every morning?
HT: “New York Times, Garance Dore and my sister’s blog, Poem Sweet Poem (this allows me to keep tabs on her!).”

TCM: Which 3 people do you keep in touch with daily?
HT: “My sister Megan (we touch base about nothing all day long), my mom (always need to hear her voice) and my friend Clare Vivier (we are always bouncing business ideas off each other).”

TCM: Daily indulgence?
HT: “Wine!”

TCM: What one thing is always on your desk?
HT: “Fresh flowers! And my rock painting by Jeana Sohn. It’s my good luck charm.”

Follow Heather as she shares all things lovely on her blog, L.A. In Bloom.

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