Mornings with The Little Market’s Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla

On any early morning, you could find Hannah and Lauren cuddling up at home with one of four puppies, one husband (or fiance – congrats, Lauren!) and a good cup of green tea. But before long, like most of us, it’s out of the PJs and into the whir of life activity, handling one of their several business and charity ventures, not least of which is their latest project, The Little Market.

Whether it’s fulfilling the barrage of holiday orders (have you seen their quilts and trays?), touching base with their artisan groups from around the globe, or simply carving out time to meet for lunch (A Votre Sante is always a fave), these girls know how to handle a full schedule in style! Enjoy the morning with Lauren and Hannah below and then we want to hear from you: what’s your favorite go-to healthy breakfast?

My alarm is set for…

Hannah: 6:30.
Lauren: 8.

First thing I do when I wake up is …

Hannah: Take my puppy, Compton, outside.
Lauren: Take a hot shower.

I can’t start my morning without…

Hannah: Caffeine.
Lauren: Saying good morning to my pups, Chloe and Fitz.

Breakfast is normally…

Hannah: On the go. A protein shake or Greens 1.
Lauren: Light.

Favorite morning beverage is…

Hannah: Green tea.
Lauren: Green tea with honey.

My morning is filled with…

Hannah: Phone calls.
Lauren: Something different every day.

Daily uniform…

Hannah: Jeans and a white T-shirt.
Lauren: I don’t have one, every day is different.

I’m usually listening to…

Hannah: The radio.
Lauren:  Pandora.

I start working by…

Hannah: 7.
Lauren: Writing emails when I wake up.

My favorite morning distraction is...

Hannah: Hiking.
Lauren: Pinterest.

I start thinking about lunch at…

Hannah: 10. We love to meet at A Votre Sante.
Lauren: 11 or 12.

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