Bhav: Devoted Emotion

Last night, my friend taught a beautiful class with live sitar and tabla drum.  Before class she said she wanted us to develop a sense, a feeling of bhav. She described it as that enamourous, sensuous feeling you have with a loved one – only with God.  It’s a devotional feeling that describes your personal relationship with God.  In Jivamukti Yoga, the method’s founders Sharon Gannon and David life write, “Bhav is a Sanskrit term used to describe the  mood of one who is in love with God.  This mood allows the practitioner access to deeper levels of the inner world of the soul.”  It is a really good feeling to try to cultivate, especially while going through an asana practice.

If the word God is off putting and not in line with your beliefs, you can still cultivate an elevated mood and create a bhav.  Feel divine yourself.  Feel elevated and uplifted from your yogic practices, whether it’s taking an asana class, self-practicing at home, meditating, chanting or even cleaning your space.  Lift yourself and your practice out of the mundane simply by elevating your mood.  Tap into a sense of auspiciousness and divinity, of connection and union. Feel and experience yoga and let the mood permeate your being.

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