From A Friend: Full Moon Goddess

This morning we received the following note in our inbox from a lovely friend. It reminds us to celebrate the beautiful, powerful women in our life—please take a moment to read it and share it with those you love.

Full Moon Goddess

I feel so blessed to know so many beautiful, powerful women and I want to share this with you all of you…

Tonight the moon is full and bright. Take a moment to acknowledge the vibrant energy that connects you to your divine feminine light. Become the Moon Goddess and invoke her spirit. Let her know you are listening, for she is calling you. Practice conscious moments of Self-Love and feel your Goddess power rise from deep within.

Put on some music and dance with unabashed freedom!

Sing to your hearts content.

Take a bath and lather yourself in oils.

Cook a lovely meal that nourishes your spirit.

Howl like a wolf in the night !

Take a moon bath!

Tell your body how much you love it and express deep gratitude for what it allows you to experience.

Or just sit quietly and feel the life energy that courses through you.

Do whatever makes you joyous and happy.

Even though we aren’t not gathered together, we spread across cities and states like a web of divine conscious light. We are the nurturers. The mothers, sisters, and daughters. We represent love, beauty, and intuition. Be IN LOVE with yourself….

Remember who you are. A divine woman. Beautiful and free!

For more from Baelyn, check out her blog: http://www.theloversblog.tumblr.com/

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  1. Indeed, nature is wfrednoul. And yes, new moons and the dark skies they create offer some amazing stargazing opportunities. Here’s hoping for clear skies over the holidays so that folks can see the Milky Way. As we say at PPFF, You know you have been away from nature too long if you think the Milky Way is just a candy bar. Do you have any stargazing tips for people to help them enjoy their time looking at the night skies?

    Luka | 05.22.2012 | Reply
  2. So inspiring.
    Now when I get home gonna do some yoga and take a warm bath 🙂

    jassy | 09.26.2013 | Reply

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