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Mama, model, author and wellness lover to the max, Molly Sims has a lot going on. We’ve loved picking her brain over the years, scooping up inspo on how to live well and make your mark without sacrificing on the self-care front.

Molly recently wrapped the filming of her new Netflix project in Hawaii and is launching a new collection of non-profit supporting, custom-embroidered accessories with designer Rachel Miriam. As we start fantasizing about spring and summer getaways, we asked Molly, a former TCM guest editor, to dish out some of her most essential travel tips…

When Packing…

Stay organized with pouches. I have a line with Rachel Miriam (launching March 28th!) where you can customize your bags to say whatever you’d like. I have one for my jewelry, makeup, skincare, etc. I use the large pouch to carry any snacks I may bring and then the Dopp kits to stay organized. You can literally use them for anything— I even use the large tote as a diaper bag. It’ll make you look chic!

Pack Some silk. I love to bring a silk pillowcase and eye mask. Slip has a great travel set, I don’t know how I ever traveled without it. If I have to work once I arrive at my destination I don’t want any creases on my face, I need to look well rested.

Jewelry hack. When packing, I’ve discovered the best way to organize necklaces is by placing them through straws. That way they’ll never get tangled and you won’t sit in your hotel trying to salvage them. This is a great way to make use of old straws you don’t want to toss and add to our landfills.

Wear layers for your travel outfit. Depending on where I’m going, I’ll wear a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt, leggings, sneakers or boots, and a cardigan. You always want to be comfortable and warm on a flight.

Be cozy. I always pack a soft pair of socks and a pashmina for travel. (I hate using airplane blankets.)

Pack your meals and snacks. I never ever eat airplane food. Generally, you don’t know what’s in it and I’d much rather eat a healthy salad or snacks I pre-pack. I love to make protein balls to bring, and hummus and carrots. There’s a great place in Santa Monica called Tocaya Organica that has the best burritos that you can make vegan or paleo — it’s my travel staple.

Stay connected. Pack chargers, AirPods and an iPad or laptop. For some reason, I’ve been on a few long flights lately that don’t have televisions. This makes the time pass extremely slow. Make sure you’re prepared with an iPad or laptop if this is the case so you’re entertained throughout your flight. I always bring chargers and airpods because I like to catch up on podcasts as well — and you don’t want to land with a dead battery.

At The Airport…

Disinfect everything. I cannot afford to get sick when I travel. Whether I’m with my kiddos or flying solo, I disinfect my chair, the arrests, the tv screen — if I’m going to touch it during my flight, you bet it’ll be disinfected with Wet Ones. I also always have hand sanitizer on me and reapply throughout the flight.

Stay hydrated. Stay hydrated both internally and externally. I’m that weirdo on a plane with a sheet mask, a Jet Lag mask from Summer Fridays and a huge water bottle. For every hour I’m on a plane, I try to drink a bottle of water. Do not drink alcohol on planes — it will dehydrate you more than you even know.

TSA Pre-check + Global Entry are life-savers. I hate waiting for my flight at the airport. Depending on the destination, and because of TSA PreCheck, I’ll arrive at the airport only an hour before takeoff.

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