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No well-rounded wardrobe is complete without a few key staples — like jeans that fit flawlessly, a perfectly hemmed white tee, and a pair of comfy but stylish shoes you never want to kick off.

Our Spring Shop is full of these sustainable staples this season, but there is one standout piece we can’t stop wearing — or talking about. Discover why we’re obsessed with Hobes’ leather flats in this edition of TCM Item Of The Weekblack hobes shoes

What It Is: Hobe’s The Point leather flats. These beautiful flats we’re born from a personal struggle to find the perfect pair of everyday shoes. Hobes founder Georgia Hobart was on a mission to create a pair of flats that are soft and comfortable, classic in style, and above all else, lightweight for travel. Hobes checks all the boxes for all-purpose kicks that don’t lack in style points. They’re the ultimate addition to any modern wardrobe.

white hobes shoes

Why We’re Obsessed: Last year, our Editor In Chief shared her daily LA routine with the brand and was gifted a pair of these laceless leather wonders in white (above). We’re not going to tell you she wears them daily to the office — but practically.

The comfy slide-on shoes are made without laces for an undone, effortless look we love. Made using traditional Italian techniques, they’re durable AF and easy to collapse down for travel. As any fashionable traveler knows, finding a compact shoe that can be worn dressed up and down is nearly impossible, but these little flats fit the bill. We love their timeless feel for travel photos galore.

What To Do With Them: Wear them everywhere, stare at them lovingly, talk about them at brunch, buy more pairs etc.

On a Marie Kondo cleaning kick? Shoes can be the hardest thing to streamline. These well-designed flats are a great addition to a capsule wardrobe. We also love the lace-ups in a rainbow of soft neutrals and The Points in soft and shimmery gold!

Pick up a pair of The Point Hobe here.

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