TCM 12 Days Of Holiday Gifts: Molekule Air Mini Purifier

Welcome to the fifth day of our 12-Day Holiday Gift Guide! Join us daily for gifts we’re obsessing over, and an exclusive offer to shop for the season…

With air quality at the forefront of our minds this year (here in California especially!) we’re grateful for brands like Molekule who’ve created stylish solutions for safer at-home air quality. Their newest Air Mini is the perfect gift this year — and their most affordable air purifier ever!

If an air purifier could be both a high-fashion cool girl and a straight A science geek, it would be a Molekule. You may have spotted one of these sleek towers in a friend’s home: whisper quiet, simply modern and powerfully effective. 

Molekule entered the air purifying scene with one mission: make clean indoor air accessible to everyone, everywhere. You could even say Molekule is laying the foundation for indoor air quality equity.

We’re thrilled to include Molekule’s Air Mini in our 2020 Gift Guide!

THE GIFT: Molekule’s Air Mini. Molekule was inspired by Dr. Yogi Goswami’s struggle to find a solution to his son, Dilip’s debilitating asthma and allergies. Dr. Goswami joined forces with his son and daughter, Jaya Rao to build a scientifically-backed, patented air purification technology called PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) that leveraged over 25 years of scientific research to create. 

The Air Mini filters 250 square feet of any smaller-sized room and has an ever-so-trendy strap that makes it incredibly portable so you can take clean air with you, no matter which room you’re in!

Molekule’s larger model, Air, covers up to 600 square feet and carries a more substantial price tag — after all, it’s the best in class. Molekule created the Air Mini to make their air purification technology easier to access for those asking for a more affordable unit. Like the rest of the products in the Molekule family, though the Air Mini covers less square footage, it is just as beautiful to look at and just as effective room-by-room. Every Molekule model is like an intentional pieces of chic furniture rather than a clunky corporate air purifier.

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: As you know, we’re design fanatics and always on the hunt for great wellness products that also look beautiful in our homes. All of the Molekule air purifiers have a sleek, modern shape we love that tucks effortlessly into any room. We love that it’s whisper silent and — to be perfectly honest– what really gets us are those cute leather or grey felt details (depending on the model). Absolutely adorable.

We  love that Molekule doesn’t make us choose between a home that’s either healthy or high-design!

Whisper Quiet The Air Mini makes a subtly beautiful visual impact, but to the ear? Totally silent on the lowest fan speed. Using low energy to keep fresh air flowing in and out at only 30 decibels, the Air Mini can join you on any work call or third cycle of REM without being disruptive. Like air itself, you shouldn’t really know it’s there.

360-Degree Air Purification Unlike the majority of air filters that are boxy, large, and limited in range, Molekule prides itself with being able to tackle air purification at every angle. The Air Mini takes in the surrounding air at 360 degrees and proceeds to filter the air through an intensive filtering process. Again, with it’s charming handle, you can tote the Air Mini all around your home as needed through the day. 

PECO Technology Molekule utilizes its own patented technology to send molecules into the air that help break down pollutants at a molecular level. That’s what makes them the industry leader. All Molekule products work to minimize VOCs, bacteria, mold, viruses or allergens.

WHY IT MADE THE GIFT GUIDE: Molekule’s Air Mini is the at-home wellness staple you didn’t know you needed til you try it. Clean air is a basic health necessity we may overlook until we experience the cleaner, purer results that come with a high-tech purifier.

Until recently, air quality was not a commonly-discussed topic, but thanks to the California fires, COVID-19, and 24/7 indoor living, we have all become more aware of the need for good, clean air as it relates to long-term immune health.

The Air Mini is more than just a cute accessory, it’s a true household essential that’s perfect as a gift for yourself or for those around you whom you worry don’t know that dust bunnies aren’t for the faint of heart. 

There has never been a better time to ensure that our air at home is safer and purer than ever before. We love this gift for allergy sufferers, big city dwellers, and anyone who has children running in and out to the house all day. For a limited time, gift Molekule’s most affordable model, the Air Mini for $80 off! 

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