What You Need to Know About the Full Moon in Gemini + Partial Eclipse Monday

Mariah K. Lyons is a crystal healer, meditation guide and reiki master based in Los Angeles, CA. She is the founder of the luxury grounding company, ASTARA and author of newly published Crystal Healing for Women. Monday, November 30 holds all kinds of astrological significance and Mariah breaks it down for us here…

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCe | We have officially entered eclipse season and are moving through several extremely powerful astrological transits until the end of the year.

This Full Moon in Gemini on November 30th is also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, leading into the Total Solar Eclipse on December 14th and then into the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on Winter Solstice, December 21st. Eclipses greatly heighten the effects of the lunation, and this transit is about finding completion in certain areas of our lives and communicating our needs and desires for the future. While conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happen every 20 years, the Great Conjunction on Winter Solstice is the first time Jupiter and Saturn have been this close for 400 years.

“The energy of these eclipses alongside the conjunction helps usher us into the Age of Aquarius, an era of rebellious innovation and creating new ways of being and existing in the world.”

This time period is the exhale before the inhale of 2021.

OVERALL THEMES TO EXPLORE…Taking Inventory. Completion. Communication. This moon is called the Beaver Moon and speaks to taking inventory of the year and the preparation for winter. As we wind down 2020 and embark upon this transformational transit into the Age of Aquarius and a new year, we have the opportunity to take stock of the lessons we’ve learned, what transpired to bring us to our current moment in time and to tune in deeper to our needs as well as hopeful desires for our individual and collective future. 

What is ready to come to completion? What do you truly need in your life to create a strong foundation to allow for more flow and deep alignment? What or who in your life is no longer supporting your highest expression of self? What is it you wish to see different in your life and in the world? How can you trust and surrender to a greater unfolding of your life even in times of uncertainty? 

My new book “Crystal Healing for Women” contains a wonderful meditation for this full moon called “Surrendering to the Universe Ritual” that is highly supportive during times of transformation by helping one lean into trust and surrender of their journey. 

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Eclipses amplify the lunar energetics and you may be experiencing extremely heightened emotions or bursts of creativity and excitement. You might also have feelings of fatigue, frustration, and energetic depletion.

Oftentimes we “feel it as we heal it” and residual confusion, fear or anxiety from this year and of the future might come up in this time to be integrated, felt and released. It is a great time to honor all that you have moved through and overcome this past year in order to come to a place of completion. We are physically and energetically making room for this new era and with endings, come new beginnings. Allow yourself to stay present with your emotions and feel all that is coming up for you in this time. 

EXCELLENT TIME TO…  Journal, paint, sing, dance, cook, go for a jog, move your body and allow the energies of this cycle to move through you. Gemini is the ruler of communication and it is an excellent time to communicate your thoughts, feelings, emotions and hopes for the future in whatever way feels good for you.

Try not to bottle anything up right now and allow the energy and emotions to flow. Remember to try and stay grounded in these highly charged energetic periods and not to unleash on others, instead write, journal, jog, or punch a pillow if needed, but simply allow for the release.

JOURNALING PROMPT Here are a few journal prompts that might help you feel your way through this week…

What have I learned this year? What am I ready to bring to completion?  What am I ready to let go of? What do I need to support all areas of my life? Am I communicating clearly what I need? What do I truly desire to create for myself and the world around me?

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