Model Life: Jamie Van Dyke

We’re asking models from some of the world’s top agencies to give us a peek at a few of their favorite all-natural products and best healthy tips.  We all love to stay healthy and to look good doing it and for a model it’s a full-time job!

Model: Jamie Van Dyke of NOUS Models

Favorite all-natural makeup item:  Jane Iredale pressed powder/SPF 30.

Favorite natural skin care product: Sircuit Skin! It’s pure AND it works!

Best facial cleanser: Biologique Reserche Lait VIP 02

Favorite beauty product: Pearl Powder– a teaspoon every night in tea = glowing skin

Best beauty tip every received: Avoid hard alcohol, cigarettes and fighting – they add years to your face!

Favorite juice bar: Pressed Juicery (delivered to my door!)

Favorite juice: Greens 2.

Sun-worshipper or always in the shade with sunblock?  Worship the sun.
I love my Badger lavender sunscreen!

Favorite healthy snack on the go: Homemade raw chocolates!

Easy healthy recipe: Sautéed kale with garlic, lemon and pine nuts.

Essential supplement/vitamin: Turmeric – it keeps my skin clear.

Favorite healthy way to wind down: Dancing to Nina Simone on vinyl.

Favorite way to spend time outdoors: Art party in the garden.

Three things you can’t live without when traveling: French press, hand
coffee grinder and 49th Parallel espresso beans. I love good coffee.

Easy recycling tip: Eat fresh produce instead of a packaged snack – zero plastic waste!

Favorite healthy restaurant: ELF.

Current obsession: The Actors Gang in Culver City. There is culture in Los Angeles; we have it all!

Favorite workout: Ballet.

Clothing item you couldn’t live without: A great slip.

Best tip for staying green: Spend more time in mother nature. It’ll feel so great, you’ll want to keep her clean.

Your current mantra: “You know why I smile a lot? Because it’s worth it.” – Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

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