Model Life: Amber L’Estrange

We’re asking models from some of the world’s top agencies to give us a peek at a few of their favorite all-natural products and best healthy tips.  We all love to stay healthy and to look good doing it and for a model it’s a full-time job!

Model: Amber L’Estrange of NOUS Talent

Favorite all-natural makeup item: New lip heat balm.

Favorite natural skin care: Banana pudding smelling sunscreen by Jan Mari.

Best facial cleanser: Dr. Hauschka cleansing milk.

Favorite beauty product: Butter nail polish and Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner

Best beauty tip every received: Wear sunscreen everyday!

Sun-worshiper or always in the shade with sun block: Sun worshiper.

Three things can’t live without when traveling: Yerba matte tea bags, iPod, lip balm!

Favorite healthy restaurant: Cafe Gratitude!!

Favorite juice bar: Erowohn tonic bar.

Favorite juice: Green juice.

Favorite healthy snack on the go: Roasted seaweed.

Easy healthy recipe: Superfood smoothie.

Essential supplement/vitamin: Vitamin B.

Favorite healthy way to wind down: Kundalini yoga class, early night with a long bath, gentle tunes, then my favorite book!

Favorite way to spend time outdoors: Bike riding, getting into nature (exploring new canyons, hot springs or a run along the beach).

Easy recycling tip: Glass water bottle. Plastic sucks!

Current obsession: My boyfriend and our creative projects.

Favorite workout: Bike riding, yoga class and running through the canyon.

Clothing item you couldn’t live without: My baggy boy t-shirt to lounge around and sleep in.

Best tip for staying green: More veggies. Less meat. More walking. Less driving.

Your current mantra:  “Surrender and trust in the flow.”

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