Born Brazilian, it’s fair to say that the lovely Lisalla Montenegro needs very little help to boost her natural beauty. That to say, we love that Lisalla is one of those models who gives her work a little old-fashioned effort and shares our passion for doing so the all-natural way!

You can’t walk the runways for long or travel the world to shoot for the pages of Vogue and Italian GQ without picking up a few tips along the way about staying well and looking great. The danger, of course, is that the demands of the culture that surrounds models doesn’t always lead to the healthiest of lifestyles. Models like Lisalla are shining examples of how to live that model life right, embracing a full, healthy green-juice drenched diet and taking care of her skin with the best in natural beauty. Here are a few of Lisalla’s top insights that, we think, make her a model citizen…

Favorite healthy snack on the go:

Raw almonds and berries; they are sweet, light and will keep you satisfied until your next meal.

Tips for natural skin care:

Don’t mix too many products too often. Let your skin breathe. When you have the opportunity to go makeup-free, do, and let your skin shine on its own. I also believe eating lots of green foods helps to keep your skin radiant.

Best beauty tip every received:

Not to eat sodium-rich food the night before a photo shoot. It can give you puffy eyes, and that’s obviously not good for models, especially if you are shooting a beauty campaign!

Sun-worshipper or always in the shade?

This is a good one! I am a sun-worshipper, but I like to admire the beauty of the sun or feel its warmth before 10 a.m. and after 4:30 p.m. During the middle of the day, I do not enjoy the sun so much since I know it’s damaging my skin. No matter when or where, I ALWAYS use sun block. 

Easy healthy recipe:

I love to mix quinoa with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, some berries, avocado and seeds. Yum!

Best home facial:

Once a week before going to bed I like to use cold water on my face using a very gentle scrub, followed by a toner.

Favorite healthy restaurant:

Crossroads Kitchen.

3 things can’t live without when traveling:

My iPad Mini, headphones and a big comfy sweater.

Essential supplement:

Vitamin B12, vitamins A, C and D and antioxidants.

Favorite juice:

I like to have organic fresh squeezed juice every morning with breakfast. I love getting all the nutrients from fruits and veggies early in my day. One of my favorite combinations is kale, spinach, cucumber, parsley, apple, lemon and ginger. It is so good for my skin and gives me energy to last through to the afternoon.

To stay healthily slim I...

Drink tons of water to clean my body and eliminate toxins. People think that not eating or starving yourself will pay off with weight loss results, but that’s not true at all; believe me, it won’t take you anywhere! Plus it will make you feel bloated.

Eat every two to three hours, in small portions, like berries, one apple a day, and lots of greens and veggies. If you’re not a veggie, you can add fish or chicken as a light type of protein. Don’t forget to exercise – it’s all about combination and balance. To increase your overall health you need to balance healthy eating with sweating it out. 

Favorite way to spend time outdoors:

Riding my Honda CBS 500R, running on the beach, driving on the track or just watching the sunset here in Laguna Beach.

Favorite home workout:

The Brazilian Butt Lift workout, because it also strengths my abs and tones my legs.

Easy tip for green living:

Be part of the recycling loop – purchase only items made from recycled materials. Also, sign up for green energy. More than half of all consumers in the U.S now have the option of purchasing green power from their utility companies.

Current obsession:

Planning my dream wedding, which is this December, so it’s keeping me very busy! (Editor’s note: Lisalla is engaged to the LA Angel’s CJ Wilson)


Clothing item you couldn’t live without:

My fiancés’s sweatpants.

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