What does an Oscar-winning actress and fitness devotee have in common? Never ending wardrobe changes, to start.

We love that sexy athleisure is officially a thing, solving for the inconvenience of jumping from fit-life to presentable-human-life with no time wasted; and Hilary Swank’s take on it is everything right with the growing fashion trend. Featuring chic little pieces that are almost a shame to sweat in, Mission Statement – a new athleisure brand launched by the Million Dollar Baby herself – is the perfect balance of function and fashion.

Born from the famously fit actress’ passion for treating – and training – her body well, everything from tops to tennis skirts are designed to perform, not just look pretty. We caught up with Swank to learn more about her love of working out, the sports that have her heart and the philosophy that keeps her going. Check it out all below and the rest of our “In My Gym Bag” series here!

Moment I Fell In Love With Fitness:

Fitness has been a part of my life since my earliest memories because I grew up doing sports: gymnastics, swimming basketball, volleyball, the list goes on. I didn’t only fall in love with fitness, fitness is part of my DNA because of this. I love being active and am thankful for the ability to challenge myself in this way.

Fave Sport As A Kid:

Swimming in the lake by my house, gymnastics and basketball. I love team sports. It gives young people the ability to learn how to work together and support one another.

5 Things Always In My Gym Bag:

Tennis racket, Peter Thomas Roth Mineral Sunscreen Stick, my New Balance Court shoes, water bottle, hair ties.

Fave Fitness Wear Brand:

Mission Statement, of course!

Best Time To Workout:

I like to start my day with movement whether it’s tennis, weight training or a hike. It centers me for the day ahead.

Fave workout in LA:


Fave Workout in NYC:


On My Gym Playlist:

U2, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Prince

Habit That Changed by Body:

I’ve been working with a trainer for 17 years  now, once I learned that weight training can help keep calcium in your bones. But, whether it’s working towards a physical or mental goal, it’s still a journey.

My Workout Philosophy Is...

Sometimes I feel like the biggest obstacle is my mind. So that’s my workout philosophy:  It’s less about exercising my body and more about exercising my mind.

How I Workout When I Mean Business:

Weight training pushes me and challenges me both physically and mentally, but tennis gives me the ability to meditate during it because there is nothing else going on in my head besides the game.

Favorite Way to Hydrate:

Favorite Post-Workout Fuel:

It depends on which workout I’m doing but generally speaking I like to finish with a greens shake, but always a protein after that once home, like a breakfast burrito.

I Stay Inspired By...

People who are in constant pursuit of living their fullest potential and ever becoming their truest authentic self in their journey of life, including preserving through adversity.

Body That Inspires You...

I’m more inspired by the soul, intellect and humor, not a body.

Fave Quickie Workout:

Sometimes I can’t always get to the gym as I’m traveling often so I try and carry a few bands for some resistance training in my hotel room.  It doesn’t have to always be a major workout that pushes you all the way to your limits physically but moving, stretching and connecting with your body can be equally as effective.

Fave Gym Shoes:

New Balance for tennis, Nike for workout and Adidas for everyday hanging out.

Braids Or Pony:


Gym To Street Tips:

Mission Statement was created with this exact sentiment in mind. There was no true gym to street cross over brand, so I created it. Mission Statement seamlessly merges high performance with high luxury so you can literally leave the gym and walk into the office, a lunch meeting, or go about your day without looking as though you are wearing work out clothes.

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