fine jewelry Designer Zoe Chicco in white shirt and ripped jeans smiling at camera

when you’re doing the only thing you’ve ever wanted to do, you better do it well. Fine jewelry designer Zoë Chicco has been designing since she was a teenage, studied studio art and metalsmithing in college, and has been making gorgeous jewelry professionally for almost 20 years now. Jessica Alba, Giselle Bundchen and Lucy Hale have all been spotted donning Zoe’s delicate 14k creations.

Zoë’s creative spirit shines through in all of her work. She uses an artful handmade approach that gives her pieces an edge while still exuding major femininity. She’s also a walking billboard for her own signature styles — Zoë can be found with stacks of delicate rings, well-placed ear cuffs and strings of charms and lockets at any given time, inspiring us to rock the look just like she styles it.

Being a designer is one thing, but running your own designer business is another. Zoë has succeeded at both (her designs are sold just about everywhere fashion girls shop these days) and we asked her to join our What I’ve Learned series where we ask female entrepreneurs across industries to share their best bits of wisdom…

What I’ve Learned

… About Business – Hiring the right people is the most important thing you can do. Having the best possible support staff is what allows you to grow and thrive.

… About People – Treat them with respect, encourage and support them and they will want to work hard for you.

… About Women – Most will come together and lift each other up to support one another. We are resilient and tenacious in the best possible way.

… About Myself – I am capable of far more than I ever imagined. I will always do what it takes to get it done, no matter what “it” is.

… About Self-Care – It is incredibly important, and I am not doing enough of it! Focusing on self-care is actually part of my resolution this year. I am off to a slow start, but I’m only halfway through, so there’s still time! I know I will be a better mother, wife and leader if I take better care of me first.

… About Confidence – It probably is the most important accessory. Confidence is a huge part of success. It’s something I struggle with sometimes. I had to really pay my dues the old-fashioned way to get where I am. But I’ve seen very confident people rise to the top quickly. If you really “own” something – your look, your work – it makes it easier for people to get behind it.

… About Wellness –As I get older, eating clean and healthy is the best thing I can do for my mind and body. I have been much stricter about my diet (mostly fresh vegetables, protein and healthy fats) and the results have been amazing. While I am missing my wine and cheese, my body isn’t.

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