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Wellness may be a billion dollar business, but the world is a small place. We’ve known mindbodygreen founder, Jason Wachob for years. His OG health platform has been a staple for the health-minded since 2009.

When the trusted platform launched a science-based supplement line, we knew they’d be a hit from the get. Our editor-in-chief has used their daily multi to fill gaps, their collagen powder turned us back on to one of our favorite lattes, and their vitamin D is a timely, high-dose staple. You can order any of their supplements with our exclusive code CHALKBOARD20 and get 20% off your first mindbodygreen purchase.

We caught up with Jason to ask about (what else) his daily routine — nothing is more telling, which supplements he’s loyal to, and what else is on his radar in the wild, transitional time we’re living in now… 

On Wellness Tech, Coffee + A Good Routine with Jason Wachob,
The Founder Of mindbodygreen

What are the key wellness habits in your morning routine lately? After a minute or so of silent prayer or meditation, I’ll go straight to our espresso machine and make a double. Then I’ll have 3 to 4 glasses of water along with our probiotic+ supplement. It is the only probiotic blend in the world with this combination of four strains, specifically designed to ease bloating, which is a problem I had for years.*mbg probiotic

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nothing’s better than a double espresso. What’s your take on coffee overall? So much coffee—always black. We just moved to Miami, and I like walking to get coffee in the morning before our girls wake up, so I’ll do that after I have my double espresso. That said, every once in a while I’ll go for a homemade ghee coffee with Dave Asprey’s Danger Coffee.

You’ve seen it all over the years at MBG. What have been the most exciting evolutions in the space? The two that come to mind are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. On one side, I think technological innovation is incredibly impressive with wearable technology, and then on the other side of the spectrum, I’m still wowed by the practices and traditions that have been around for thousands of years.

Wearables have come a long way. We went from just tracking steps to tracking more meaningful metrics like HRV and Resting Heart Rate, and it feels like there’s still way more to come. I also love that breathwork is front and center. We take more than 20,000 breaths a day and just the simple practice of breathing through one’s nose (not through the mouth) has tremendous, proven health benefits. We’re talking about everything from sleep to stress and immune function. So simple, and free.

You have an incredible breadth of work to attend to — the site, podcast,  supplement line — You’re also a husband and father. What’s key for maintaining energy? Did I mention I love coffee? I practice intermittent fasting daily—anywhere from 14 hrs to 18 hours, depending on how I feel—and eat mostly plant-based during the week. My go-to lunch is a monstrous smoothie which features our chocolate beauty & gut collagen+, alongside MALK almond milk, a handful of arugula, an avocado, as much nut butter I can fit, and some frozen fruit and veg. I like broccoli and raspberries or blackberries. That smoothie does wonders for me and is my go-to Monday through Friday lunch. I always feel better afterward.

Sleep is obviously huge, and I swear by our sleep support+, which I take every night 2 hours before bed along with our calm+. It’s a powerful and sustainable combo for me which helps me relax before bedtime and ensure my sleep is deep and restorative.*

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If you are interested in enhancing your supplements regimen, use code CHALKBOARD20 and
get 20% off your first mindbodygreen purchase.

You began as a publisher, but have expanded into this world of supplements. What were you most excited to accomplish? Cardiovascular issues run in my family, so I wanted to get more sophisticated around health testing in my 40’s. Since I felt fine, I was shocked to discover I had suboptimal methylation, sky high homocysteine levels, and the MTHFR gene variant (which half the population has, by the way).

Within months of targeted supplementation with a specific array of bioactive B vitamins and betaine, my methylation function and homocysteine levels were stellar.* This combination became our methylation support+ product and the inspiration behind our mbg supplements+ line. It feels like this formula saved my life, and I’m beyond grateful that I’m here to tell this story to bring you the product I am most proud of.

Wow! Yes, Supplements are a modern non-negotiable, Yet so many of us are overwhelmed by it all. What do you wish more people knew? At mbg, we agree—supplements are non-negotiable. This is especially true with certain nutrients that are difficult to consume adequate amounts of through diet alone (or, in vitamin D’s case, from diet and sunlight alone)—such as vitamin D, omega-3s, vitamin C, vitamin K, key B vitamins, and minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. This realization led to creating our comprehensive ultimate multivitamin+ (for women and men), with the added bonus of bioactives designed for longevity.*

When we consider the average American’s baseline needs, daily essentials like a comprehensive multivitamin, a high-potency vitamin D3, and a sustainably-sourced omega-3 supplement with sufficient EPA and DHA are a good place to start.

What are some of the key things every consumer should know about shopping for supplements? First and foremost, we have to remember that supplements are designed to address unique health needs, whether a foundational need like a nutrient gap or a more targeted need like sleep, stress resilience, regularity, and more.

Ask yourself what your desired health outcome is. Then, find out how science says to meet it with high-quality ingredients.

Read supplement labels—does the product actually have the dose it’s marketing on the front of the package? Is that dose clinically meaningful based on the science? Are the forms of ingredients gentle and bioavailable? Do the ingredients come from a clean, high-quality source that’s tested for purity? Is there a more sustainably-sourced option?

Consumers should also research the brand they’re buying supplements from. Trustworthy supplement brands are taking true steps to create an innovative, effective product. Value is rooted in the quality of ingredients, sources, potency (i.e., science-backed doses), and packaging of a supplement—do your research before buying.

Who are your top resources for guidance on this topic? We partner with functional medicine doctors, nutritionists, researchers, and a wide range of other experts to inform our supplement knowledge and portfolio. But our go-to source is resident nutrition scientist, Ashley Jordan Ferira, Ph.D., RDN.

Dr. Ashley spearheads mbg supplement formulation, keeps a pulse on the latest science (to lead the supplement production process and ensure we’re sharing the most up-to-date research in our articles), and reviews educational supplement content (including articles, emails, and videos) for scientific accuracy. mbg supplements

You can find Dr. Ashley’s expert insights and professional opinions about supplements on mindbodygreen.com.

For scientific studies and reviews published in peer-reviewed journals, PubMed is our go-to source. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Linus Pauling Institute Micronutrient Information Center at OSU are also incredible resources.

lastly, The podcast is packed with top pros — Which guests and topics are you finding the most fascinating now? I am very passionate about the topic of longevity and for our 400th episode we compiled the greatest nuggets of healthspan and lifespan advice we’ve heard on the podcast. Consider it the ultimate longevity episode from our established, thriving library of incredible doctors, experts, and deep dives into emerging science. So I think that show is a must-listen!

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