Microcurrent: The Anti-Aging Hack We’re Trying (Before Lines)

With two wands to conduct the treatment, and results that make us do a double take every time, microcurrent therapy is nothing short of modern day magic.

We’ve been obsessing over the lifting, sculpting, glow-inducing beauty therapy with LA’s go-to pro, Mila Morgan. With so many requests to learn more (maybe you’ve caught our funny Instagram stories of the wands in action!) we’re sharing a special opportunity to try microcurrent for yourself.

Eyeball the offer below and have the exclusive rates sent directly to your in-box. We specifically had milennials in mind for this offer. The reduced rate is perfect for those looking for preventative beauty benefits — and a little break on a treatment most women only shell out for after a certain age.

Learn all about the beautifying effects of microcurrent therapy here. The basics: microcurrent works with the electrical current that our bodies naturally produce to reset imbalances caused by stress, environment, diet, exercise and age. Internally, it helps increase collagen and reduce inflammation. Externally, it can dramatically prevent and reduce visual signs of age, clear acne and create a level of glowiness normally reserved for Photoshop.

TCM Reader Offer
aesthetic microcurrent with Mila Morgan

Single Session:

The Treatment: One 60-minute microcurrent session for the face for $250 (normally $350)

What To Expect: Lift, glow, sculpt, decrease acne, possibly diminished lines, sense of wellbeing and a decrease in inflammation through body.

Treatment Package:

The Deal:  Four 60-minute microcurrent sessions for the face for $900 (normally $1,300)

What To Expect: Same as above but more of it, and it will hold longer. You will not be completely rebooted yet but your body is beginning to make new collagen and elastin, the muscles more re-educated, sense of wellbeing continues, depression if you have it decreases, skin is smoother, glowier.

The more sessions, the more results and the longer hold. Once rebooted (about 8 sessions) all results will hold for several months. Issues will continue to change and improve, aging is staved off at this point so it only gets better and better as you go forward. A monthly maintenance session is recommended!

Get Yours:

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