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Meghan Markle still radiates a glowingly grounded vibe, even after becoming engaged to actual royalty. The actress and philanthropist is famously a fan of holistic health and natural beauty — what would you expect from a born-and-raised Californian?

We had the pleasure of chatting with Meghan a few times over the years about her personal wellness rituals. We imagine she’s doubling down on some of these holistic beauty rituals and routines as we near the royal wedding on May 19th. Discover a few of Meghan’s very TCM-approved holistic protocols below…

Infrared Sauna for glow. We asked Meghan about what she does once a week for her health in this classic interview. Her response: Sit in an infrared sauna and sweat out all the toxins. The benefits include a more svelte figure, glowing skin, and major stress relief – learn more here.

Acupuncture + Cupping. Meghan shared with us that she’s been a long time fan of the ancient Chinese practices of both acupuncture and cupping — and we can’t blame her! These traditional holistic treatments are some of our favorites for deep healing and stress reduction too. Discover more on acupuncture and cupping here.

Face Yoga. Sounds weird, looks funny — works wonders. Meghan reportedly does face yoga daily for its anti-aging benefits and we’ve got to imagine she’s been extra on it lately. Face yoga helps smooth, tone and tighten the skin. Try it for yourself with an at-home routine using these tips.

lymphatic drainage facials. Meghan has attributed her sculpted cheekbones and jawline to the hands of London-based facialist, Nichola Joss, known for her transformative pressure-point lymphatic drainage facial massages. These treatments offer an instant de-puff from manually draining the lymphatic system and reducing excess fluids around the eyes. They also improve blood circulation, giving the skin an instant radiance.

Manual Jaw Tension Release. We hold a lot of stress in our jaws which can lead to congested lymph, breakouts and other chronic skin woes. Meghan reportedly works on her own jaw tension daily. Learn about how (and why) to release jaw tension here and discover a few other fun tools to help out here.

From the coconut smoothie she drinks daily to more deets on her beauty routine, explore more of Meghan here.
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