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Prepping for your wedding day is a unique moment in one’s life. Even the most balanced babe can get a little extreme while preparing for a day filled with perfectly tailored dresses, lots of photography and memories we’ll want to remember for years to come.

Celeb trainer Megan Roup has an approach to wedding wellness that we fully embrace. With clients ranging from Sofia Richie to Miranda Kerr, Roup understands that clients want to look their very best, but her approach to movement is all about feeling good too.

Inspired by Megan’s 8-week Sculpt Society bridal prep program, we asked the trainer to share her best tips for brides-to-be below. Expect a digital environment free from diet culture, scales and body shaming — Roup centers her platform around mental health. There truly couldn’t be a better focus for a bride-to-be!
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Celeb Trainer Megan Roup’s Best Tips For Healthy Wedding Prep

Common pitfalls I see brides make and want to help them avoid:
+ Not focusing on the big picture of what the wedding is for and getting wrapped up and stressed out around the details.
+ Turning to extreme diets and exercise programs.
+ Putting too much pressure on how thin they can get.

When brides get stressed and overwhelmed, my advice is to…
+ Try not to get stressed over the small details. You’ll likely remember how you felt, the friends and family around you, not the small details that you’re feeling overwhelmed by.
+ If you’re feeling stressed, take time each day for yourself. A simple walk outside, a short 10 minutes TSS workout or even a 5 minute meditation or journal to ground yourself.

Day of or night before tips: I’m a fan of getting in a short workout, something you’re excited to do, that will help calm the nerves and leave you feeling grounded in your body and mind. On my wedding day, I did an 18 minute full body class on The Sculpt Society and it was a perfect start to my big day!

When a bride wants to sculpt in two weeks, these are the three most important things to remember
01 | Getting in consistent movement 4-5 x a week. Think about committing to less so you can show up more. Consistency is more important than length. I would prefer my clients do 10 minutes a day 5 x a week over one long workout a week.
02 | Prioritize sculpt/strength workouts over just cardio. I’m a fan of sprinkling in short amounts of dance cardio with my sculpt workouts. Or make it all low impact by combining sculpt workouts with walks outside.
03 | Creating healthy habits and mindset is more important than turning to extreme diets and over-exercising.

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