Meet The Two Friends Behind The Vibrant Beet

Meet Cat & Myara, just two girls finding their way through the healthy food scene – sharing their favorite spots, best tips and encouraging us to stay healthy while we have fun! The Vibrant Beet follows these two local LA ladies as they troupe through the city and beyond – enjoying the best that this healthy city has to offer. Both Cat and Myara have degrees in holistic nutrition. Myara teaches pilates and Cat has an extensive background in film. Together they’re a match we can’t get enough of as they explore a few of our favorite – and soon to become favorite – hotspots! Follow their journey this spring on The Chalkboard as we share sneak peeks from the show and learn a little more about the dynamic duo below.

The Chalkboard: What inspired the Vibrant Beet into existence?

Cat: Even though Myara and I both went to Emerson College in Boston, our paths never crossed until we met at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. We connected instantly over our love of healthy living, the active lifestyle, traveling and exploration. We kept stumbling upon unique ventures that people were creating and were inspired to find a way to share these great ideas with the people around us. Moving to your own “beat” and keeping life vibrant, healthy and colorful – like an actual “beet” – is what it is all about for us.

Myara: I grew up with access to amazing organic produce and a love for dance. As I grew up, those things translated into a love for all things health-related and led me to Pilates instruction and studies at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I always hoped to share my passion for healthy food, fantastic restaurants and the benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle with the world. With Cat’s background in film and our love for healthy food we thought we could really create something unique – a sort-of healthy version of one of our favorite shows: Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations!

TCM: What do you hope people take away from the show?

Cat&Myara: A healthy lifestyle can be fun and inspiring we hope people learn to love healthy food and active living instead of
fearing it.  We know so many people who always feel bloated and lethargic while traveling or when they’re busy at work, so we hope to teach our viewers how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, no matter what they do or where their travels may take them!

TCM: What have been a couple of favorite dishes and spots along your journey so far?

Cat: In LA, The Savory Salmon Bowl from Feed Body & Soul on Abbott Kinney in Venice and Sqirl in Silverlake for fresh, seasonal jams. Just thinking of Big Sur Bakery on the central coast, Gracias Madre in San Francisco, B&G Oyster in Boston or Haven Café & Bakery in Lenox, MA makes me smile. To work it all off, I love to hike. It’s a beautiful way to see the city and get into nature – plus, it’s free!

Myara: I absolutely love sushi and sashimi; it must be the Los Angeles native in me. From the farmer’s markets we visited, I love to whip up baked Brussels sprouts and grilled wild salmon with a yogurt dill sauce whenever I get the chance. Favorite spots in LA include Kiyokawa for killer sashimi, Providence, Baco Mercat and Girasole.

TCM: What’s are some keys to balance when eating out:

Cat&Myara: No bread unless it’s totally worth it – Watergrill in Downtown LA’s sourdough melts in your mouth! Ask for local, seasonal specials and recommendations from your server. Remember to pace yourself and take time to have a nice conversation. Sip on a glass (or two) of wine – it makes you more relaxed and you’re more likely to take your time eating, which in turn makes you realize that you’re fuller faster. Drink water. Share plates with friends. Skip dessert. If you’re going to eat late, have a low calorie snack, like a small apple, handful of nuts or some carrots and hummus before you go to dinner. If possible, it’s much better for your metabolism to eat earlier – about 3 hours before bed.

TCM: You’ve been around the block now when it comes to restaurants! Fave meal of all time:

Cat: Lemon and garlic rock my world. Terroni on Beverly Blvd in LA has the most decadent lemon pasta dish that I cannot get enough of. As a healthy alternative, my pal and chef, John Hellmers, creates a healthier version using quinoa pasta and adds some extra greens.

Myara: My husband Finian took me to a 20-course tasting menu for my birthday dinner at Providence here in Los Angeles. It was to die for (meaning that I almost died after the meal from how full I felt), but it was totally worth it. Every dish was just as spectacular as the next, and of course, we went for the wine pairings.

TCM: Couple of your top recommended resources:

Cat&Myara: We love local food magazines, like Edible Westside. Peppermysalt.com and smittenkitchen.com are our go-to sites for delicious, yet healthy recipes. Eater.com is a must when it come to restaurant news and updates. And, of course, thechalkboardmagazine.com – we literally check it every morning!

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